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20% off Boden Winter preview (not Autumn)

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Mumsnut Thu 13-Aug-09 12:18:32

Small selection only but hey ...

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 13-Aug-09 13:06:17

Oh thankyou, I like the tweed coat.

Someone please come and tell me if this pattern is horrible. I kind of like it but I have notoriously bad taste so I might just play it safe with the black onegrin

bunjies Thu 13-Aug-09 13:25:21

I like it smile

Mumsnut Thu 13-Aug-09 13:37:58

I like the black better - it looks to be quite a short coat and I think the check could be a bit overwhelming ...

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Thu 13-Aug-09 14:03:30

I think either the aqua or the mulberry check. Black is so predictable for winter. I bought a bright magenta coat from Paul Smith 2 years ago and love the way it stands out from a sea of black and grey winter coats in the UK

Oumasrusks Thu 13-Aug-09 14:09:19

I like it too, and the aqua one. I agree with TheRealMrsJohnSimm about black being so predictable.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 13-Aug-09 16:09:58

Thanks all. I think I'll order the mulberry checksmile

joliejolie Thu 13-Aug-09 16:18:39

I love that coat!!!

I ordered a green bunny cardi for my dd's birthday! She is going to love it!
Nothing much else because Boden have taken all of my money already!

mrspnut Thu 13-Aug-09 16:22:10

I've just ordered the green bunny cardi too, and the blue monster T shirt (my daughter has strange taste hmm)

joliejolie Thu 13-Aug-09 16:27:11

I bought the green monster t-shirt (with another bunny)!
They are quite cute and I have gotten a few for my ds as well.

joliejolie Thu 13-Aug-09 16:28:04

Now if Boden could just f*ck off and leave me alone!

rainbowface Thu 13-Aug-09 17:18:19

Hi whatis the code to get the 20%off??

FranSanDisco Thu 13-Aug-09 17:19:59

Ordered PJ's for ds - will put them away for his birthday. Boden is going to cause a divorce - hide the bank statements.

Mumsnut Thu 13-Aug-09 17:43:03

Johnnie has just re-stocked almost everything in the sale! I even got the black maxi-dress that's been out of stock for ever - they had it in ALL SIZES! (Not now though).

rainbowface Thu 13-Aug-09 17:51:09

Hello? Is there a code for the Winter stuff? (Please...)

mazzystartled Thu 13-Aug-09 18:05:25

just click through from the link rainbow and its done automatically

rainbowface Thu 13-Aug-09 19:36:43

ooh thank you Mazzy - was getting over excited there and not seeing the obvious!!

purplepeony Thu 13-Aug-09 21:46:19

I am annoyed with Boden...

I reviewed the cord trousers and they have not put my review up. It was critical , mainly on the fit and price.

So don't believe all you read- or don't read!

gnatbite Thu 13-Aug-09 22:13:08

Oooh Mumsnut, thanks for the heads up on the sale restock, I have just bought the stripey blue washed hoody (and a few other things) I've wanted for ages!!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 13-Aug-09 22:26:13

Thanks Mumsnut, I just ordered some swimwear which was out of stock.

FairyMum Fri 14-Aug-09 21:55:45

Cannot decide if this is lovely or frumpy: l

purplepeony Fri 14-Aug-09 23:12:33

Fairymum- It's ok but bordering on frumpy- I think that straight or A line skirts or inverted pleat look less frumpy than flippy.

I had a very similar one to that from Boden and only wore it for 1 season then it went onto Ebay.

FairyMum Sat 15-Aug-09 07:43:14

Agree A-line is the way forward

BadgersArse Sun 16-Aug-09 16:46:06

also agree about balck and like the coat

nicknameidlike Sun 16-Aug-09 17:26:36

talking of frumpy i have ordered quite a lot from Boden in the last few weeks and had not really been in any other clothes shops until today went into Matalan and was really quite surprised at some of the clothes, they were really nice and very cheap they seemed to make my Boden purchases look really quite frumpy and overpriced which is annoying as i thought i had found my "style" at long last all mixed up again

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