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Vest tops that actually cover your entire stomach and don't stop at the top of your jeans, anyone know where I can get them?

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GirlsAreLoud Thu 13-Aug-09 11:47:54

I seem to have terrible trouble getting vests long enough to cover my tummy. Even when I was pregnant all my maternity vests ended up being too short by about 6 months and it was bump bands all the way after that which I hated.

I don't nomrally by sainsburys clothes but I found a vest/camisole type thing that is actually long enough to cover my entire tummy and is fitted without clinging to my stomach. They only do it in black though so I'm wondering if anyone has seen any decent ones anywhere else?

I like a fitted but not tight fit down to about tops of thighs, not so long that it covers my bottom as I don't actually need to hide that, unlike my muffin top.

Flamesparrow Thu 13-Aug-09 11:49:07

H&M have long ones. So do Top Shop but they seem to have shrunk up in the wash angry (bought them specifically to be long enough to cover bump)

Stinkyfeet Thu 13-Aug-09 11:51:45

I get mine from Tesco. Loads of colours and nicely fitted. I usually stock up on 3 or 4 each year - they last well for a season, then get relegated to 'slobbing about the house' vests for the following year!

OrangeKnickers Thu 13-Aug-09 11:52:56

I have two of these - from H&M maternity / mama section, in fact still wear lots of my H&M mat wear as it's very stretchy and nice and long! Ds is now two so it lasts well. Am the same size as pre ds so it's purely for comfort. In fact am condering buying some next time I am in a H&M with a Mat section.

HTH grin

CMOTdibbler Thu 13-Aug-09 11:54:56

M&S have lengthened their vests, and their tummy control ones are a really good length.

I confess to wearing my H&M maternity ones still too as they are long enough to really tuck in firmly to low rise jeans

When I was pregnant GAP did very long vest tops with inbuilt boob support in their maternity section.

5inthebed Thu 13-Aug-09 11:55:11

What size are you? Evans start from size 14 and their vest tops are long. I bought a few last year when I was pregnant.

Or Tescos have some lovely long freeflowing vests in for £8 at the moment.

GirlsAreLoud Thu 13-Aug-09 11:58:52

5inthebed size 12.

I think maternity might actually be the answer then - I had a brill topshop maternity vest that I wore loads but recently spilled bleach on it.

Thanks all.

themoon66 Thu 13-Aug-09 11:59:04

Last year I found the Primark £1 ones the best... so I bought one in every colour grin

I'm tall and they cover my tummy when I wear skirts that hang on my hips.

HolidaysQueen Thu 13-Aug-09 12:01:17

I agree that H&M mat stuff is good even post-baby but I also have some regular H&M ones which are long enough cover my tummy and way down below my waist band. I have them in 4 different colours.

5inthebed Thu 13-Aug-09 12:01:50

Mothercare do some nice ones as well, but I found that once you get past the lovely bump stage, they are no good.

tattycoram Thu 13-Aug-09 16:35:47

M&S do tummy control vests shock. Fantastic. I didn't know that

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Thu 13-Aug-09 16:40:13

Top Shop do a basic vest which has a v-neck and back which is lovely and long.

I am very long in the body and struggle to find tops long enough (the tall section is great in body length but then always too long in the sleeves). This particular basic vest is more than long enough for me.


Ceebee74 Thu 13-Aug-09 16:40:21

I have always had the same problem but discovered Dorothy Perkins have a full range of vests/t-shirts that are longline - I am quite tall (5ft 8) and they go down to the top of my thighs. They do a whole range of colour and are about £5 each (they also wash well and don't shrink!)


missmelly Thu 13-Aug-09 17:10:07

Agree with the Top Shop maternity vests, I've kept mine, and the Dotty Perkins vests are good as well, I got 3 for £10 a couple of months ago.

HarryB Sat 15-Aug-09 09:08:02

Second what missmelly said - Dorothy perkins vests and t-shirts are fab. I'm long in the body too so have the same problem with length of tops.

SoupDragon Sat 15-Aug-09 09:09:34

H&M are fab, I buy a batch every year - they have a variety of strap/neckline styles too.

sobloodystupid Sat 15-Aug-09 09:13:39

H&M, the maternity range are fantastic, I'm still wearing them, 6 months later. Some of them have built in bra too.

BadgersArse Sat 15-Aug-09 09:23:57

H and M ones LOOK great but have a lot of lycra in them so can ride up
tesco are good

jooly Sat 15-Aug-09 21:01:04

try Long Tall Sally online

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