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Ye Gods! The time is nearly upon us, and I have no outfit... wedding help please!

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LuluMaman Wed 12-Aug-09 18:11:21

Brother's wedding in November. Is going to be mucho fabuloso. many gorgeous well dressed beautiful people there. and me !

need outfit. black tie

has to be dress / top & skirt. has to have sleeves, at least to the elbow. has to be not to £££

am size 18. but good waist and legs good too,
not great in heels and will be dancing so not 6inch stilletoes please.

has to be high street ish or mail order

Rubyslippers has a dress sorted. it's lovely. she is much more organised than me

LuluMaman Wed 12-Aug-09 18:29:56

please help me ! i don't even know when winter stuff hits the shops blush

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 13-Aug-09 01:50:10

Lulu - I think winter things are arriving now so get thee to the shops! grin

I am the same size as you although I have no waist but great boobs. I would probably look in Monsoon and Phase Eight first, to get an idea of what styles, colours etc are around and then go from there.

SilentBob Thu 13-Aug-09 09:48:11

This dress? or is that too informal?

LuluMaman Thu 13-Aug-09 09:48:35

ok, thank you !! will start looking...

SilentBob Thu 13-Aug-09 09:56:24

This one?

zippy539 Thu 13-Aug-09 10:00:56

Ooh - that blue one is gorgeous...

cornsillk Thu 13-Aug-09 10:04:01

This one has rave reviews here

BunnyLebowski Thu 13-Aug-09 10:06:52

What about

this? Gorgeous colours for that time of year too

this is nice too if a wee bit plain


Am struggling to find posh frocks with elbow length sleeves! Will persevere!

BunnyLebowski Thu 13-Aug-09 10:09:16

Great minds SilentBob eh? smile

SilentBob Thu 13-Aug-09 10:14:13

LOL great indeed!

I'm also struggling with the sleeves- would a cardigan over a strapless dress suffice or no?

BunnyLebowski Thu 13-Aug-09 10:16:31

A few more

A bit more full on glam (and full length) but beautful!


sleeves not quite elbow length but lovely dress

very va va voom!

lovely but not sure if you want black

LuluMaman Thu 13-Aug-09 11:01:32

x post , silentbob

lovely dress , but too informal, but thank you smile

LuluMaman Thu 13-Aug-09 11:02:11

oooh, loads of posts when i refreshed !!

will check them all out

thank you !

LuluMaman Thu 13-Aug-09 11:06:18

oooh, the emerald green from is gorgeous. would need good SPanx ! the orange one from evans, surprisingly glam. monsoon dress lovely, but possibly not eveningy enough

thank you for all teh wonderful links !

could do a shrug over a strappy dress but think sleeved dress a bit more flattering?

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