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Long Haul Flight Clothes...

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papadontpreach Wed 12-Aug-09 16:51:24

Am going on a long flight and would like something lovely and soft and stylish to wear..Am also going to be met by my entire family so want to look not too crinkled and stressed on arrival..Does anyone know any good shops/online stores with comfy but nice casual wear?

LetThemEatCake Wed 12-Aug-09 22:01:47

Hush, Wellicious and Pyjama Room -all online!

and these shoes, but go to the main sale page for other colours

papadontpreach Wed 12-Aug-09 22:11:41

Oh thank you so much and I agree let them eat cakex

andiem Wed 12-Aug-09 22:12:51

I always get changed into a tracksuit for the flight and then my clothes are fresh when I land

CMOTdibbler Wed 12-Aug-09 22:16:40

I fly long haul a lot, and wear a jersey tunic dress (although merino is nice too if you aren't going somewhere hot) and leggings. Comfy, practical, and non revealing as you twist about in your seat

Instead of spending 35 quid on cashmere slippers, I take a pair of comfy socks to wear on the plane.

To feel fresh at your destination, wear a panty liner, then you can pop into the loos when you land, use a facial wipe to clean your face and fanjo, ditch panty liner, then put on some face cream, brush hair and teeth, a spritz of perfume, and you'll feel great

papadontpreach Wed 12-Aug-09 22:21:56

Very good tips Miss Dibbler,and thank you husband has just done the same flight and also suggested a track suit,he wore jeans and is misreble at the other end..I am on hush and the pyjama room as we speakx

mathanxiety Mon 17-Aug-09 06:00:47

OMG never jeans. You can feel really bloated on a long haul flight -- something about the air pressure, so an adjustable waistband is a must. Consider leg blood clot prevention also when choosing legwear; maybe leggings would do the trick here. Cozy socks that don't have a tight band at the top keep your feet comfy. A scarf is a lovely item to bring -- something light and cottony to keep your neck and shoulders from getting chilled by the draughty overhead air things and to roll up a little and give yourself a pillow cover for the inflatable pillow thing you'll be bringing. Plus you might consider a face mask for germs. I find that wearing sunglasses for long flights discourages annoying passengers who want to gab on and on and on about their whatever -- eye contact is all these bores need to get them going, so cover the eyes; they also keep the glare of early dawn, other passengers' overhead lights, etc. from waking you. Choose knockers that are not too tight around the legs -- a loose boyleg style won't cut off your circulation, but these are not the best for pantiliner use..

mathanxiety Mon 17-Aug-09 06:02:50

Yes I meant knickers... come to think of it, your knockers should never be too tight around the legs either.

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