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Has Gap shut anywhere else? Is this recession thing or summat else?

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FlightHattendant Wed 12-Aug-09 08:16:01

Our Gap closed last weekend. It had been running low for a while - piles and racks of really low quality, mass produced and frankly, weird shaped kind of shifts that didn't look or feel right, and strange thin t shirts.

I wasn't really shopping there since they started doing that as there was nothing worth buying - only the kids' stuff looked Ok still - but I wondered if they are closing in general or just ours?

It's a shame as they used to be brilliant. sad

CybilLiberty Wed 12-Aug-09 08:21:05

I think Gap has been dodgy for a while now, I was in the Mens dept with dh and it was all very samey, hooded tops with GAP on and boring jeans.

Once you've got one hooded GP top you don't need another one do you?

Indith Wed 12-Aug-09 08:21:18

I'm confused about Gap too, no idea where there might be one now as unless it has been hiding from me there isn't one in the centre of Newcastle or the Metro Centre and when I visited my parents and hoped to go to the one in Hull it had gone too!

FlightHattendant Wed 12-Aug-09 08:25:23

Oh dear it is not looking good is it.

I remember when I was pg with ds1, spent a lot of time in there buying baby clothes from the 99p rail - got mASSES of stuff, right up to about age 7 - seriously stocked up. I've hardly had to buy him anything since he was actually born smile

and now ds2 gets to wear some of it too. It was lovely stuff. Perhaps I bankrupted them single handedly. blush

SueW Wed 12-Aug-09 08:38:00

Gap in Derby closed years ago.

The children's store closed a while ago in Nottingham and has merged into the other Gap shop.

I often see articles about how Gap has got a new designer and how they have key pieces but when I go in it looks like a jumble sale - usually too many clothes shoved onto racks. Very different to the US stores I've been into which always look spacious and it's easy to see the good stuff.

PortAndLemon Wed 12-Aug-09 08:44:24

Ours are still open.

I very rarely go into the main Gap now (agree that their T-shirts are so THIN), but I do buy from Gap Kids in the sales.

dexter73 Wed 12-Aug-09 08:53:35

I like the fact that the t-shirts are thin as they are good for layering! I think they are good for basics - I always get my jeans from them. I also like their knitwear - lots of lovely merino jumpers and cardigans in at the moment.

FlightHattendant Wed 12-Aug-09 09:17:25

Really Dex? You must live near a decent one. there was NOTHING like that in ourse for abouyt a year sad it was all dodgy cotton stuff usually made in Turkey, probably old sewatshop stock or something hmm

the kind of fabric that fluff sticks to.

I am envy at your sweaters.

danthe4th Wed 12-Aug-09 09:19:52

Cheltenham gap was closed last week not sure about this week but it looked more like the builders were in.

caykon Wed 12-Aug-09 09:26:13

Ours is still going and i'm not in a city, just small market town. I only go in when they have sales on though.

lulalullabye Wed 12-Aug-09 09:31:06

Apparantly gap will go bust in the next year or so. Gap as a company is supported by the Uk sales only, not doing very well in the US apparantly. It is part of the group that own Old Navy and Banana Republic over there.

dexter73 Wed 12-Aug-09 09:32:10

I go to the one in Oxford and it is quite big. I really want to get a purple sweater from there but bet by the time I get round to it they will all be gone!

KingRolo Wed 12-Aug-09 09:40:13

The one in Leeds was fine last time I went in, normal Gap type stuff.

I think they are going the way of Next with two types of store. The ones in prime locations are the same as they ever were, large, spacious, well maintained and with good quality up to date stock.

But the ones in less profitable areas are cutting costs by having fewer staff, poorer shop maintenance and by selling absolute garbage that isn't proper Gap stuff.

laughinglil Wed 12-Aug-09 11:08:32

yep our gap (lakeside) shut down last year..very strange!

PortAndLemon Wed 12-Aug-09 11:31:33

I did notice today that our Baby Gab/Gap Kids has a sale on their autumn stock already -- the summer sale only finished a couple of weeks ago. So picked up a T-shirt for DD at half-price.

ClaireDeLoon Wed 12-Aug-09 11:47:51

I got a friends little girl some stuff from Gap Kids the other day and it was fine - good range all nicely laid out etc.

Meglet Wed 12-Aug-09 11:55:00

oh no!!! it can't shut down. I've only just started getting ds's t-shirts from there. They are quite good value if you get them in the sale or 3 for 2. I gave up on the other shops that did little monster logos or the cotton was so thin it was almost see through.

RamblingRosa Wed 12-Aug-09 12:40:49

There's still one every 20 yards in central London. No sign of them going bust here. And they've started selling some of their stuff online via if you're desperate to get your hands on some Gap stuff.

BadgersArse Wed 12-Aug-09 12:41:55

gap wont go bust fgs
is hge concern

happystory Wed 12-Aug-09 12:55:49

There are two mahoosive ones in Bluewater, kids and adults. There is never anyone in the adults. i used to buy quite a lot from them but agree, it's all gone a bit odd.

Perhaps theyll pull out of the UK? I always wanted Old Navy here, sort of cheaper Gap but lots of choice

scattyspice Wed 12-Aug-09 13:34:59

What happened to Gap in the Metro Centre Indith? It was there the last time I went (Xmas probably hmm).

tiredoftherain Wed 12-Aug-09 13:38:13

This reminds me - Gap clothes are finally available online to the UK - through Discovered this at the weekend, v pleased as our nearest store is over an hour away. Hope it does well and they stock a bigger range!

Indith Wed 12-Aug-09 14:25:03

Where was it scatty? I've been since Christmas (maybe March-ish) and couldn't find it, wasn't coming up in the guide thingy or anything.

tassisssss Wed 12-Aug-09 14:27:28

our one in Stirling closed a few years ago and was replaced with some cheap shop (peacocks?) that i forget the name of, real shame

random Wed 12-Aug-09 14:28:28

The gap in Leicester city centre closed recently

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