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Can anyone tell me about facial sugaring for hair removal?

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Leeka Sun 09-Aug-09 20:36:37

I am really quite hairy of face! Most options for hair removal brings me out in loads of spots within a few days. I use wax trips atm, but am geting more and more fed up with the teenage-type acne that follows.

Someone has suggested using sugaring, but I can't find a salon or person that does it locally (am in wilds of Wales!) so does anyone have any advice for me re home treatments?

Have seen that the Body Shop do a jar but it doesn't specify facial use, does anyone know of any other good ones?


shhhh Mon 10-Aug-09 12:22:02

would threading not help..?

I used threading for my brows and know they do it for the face BUT not sure on what areas or size of area iykwim...

Just an idea..although im no expect on facial hair blush.

Hopefully someone will be along now..hth x

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