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oh dear, hair dye disaster - any hairdressers on here?

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pickyvic Sun 09-Aug-09 16:19:07

i have naturally dark brown hair but for years had it highlighted blonde. before that i used to dye it myself red as i have green eyes and pale skin.
i tried to go red again at the hair salon but it ended up purple,(it was ok but not what i wanted and expensive!) so i decided this time id do it myself.
the kit said it was a 'deep redish brown' - thought that would be fine but its gone very very dark, almost burgundy black in actual fact and it just looks too severe!
what can i do? i know dark colours fade quickly anyway so im not fretting too much but i just wanted a warm chestnut colour and instead its gone too harsh! my mate says my hair may have been porous due to the other dye jobs and thats why it may have taken darker, ive washed it today and ill keep on washing it to make it fade quicker, but any ideas?
im gonna have to wear loadsa makeup cos i look so pale! morticia eat your heart!

barbie1 Sun 09-Aug-09 16:33:21

fairy liquid...wash it in that....well thats what my hairdresser told me last time i dyed it myself and the same thing happened!

pickyvic Sun 09-Aug-09 17:02:53

fairy eh....right. i can do that tho im a bit worried that might finish it off texture wise! it was beautiful and glossy last night but now its gone a bit dry! why did i do this!!!????? it took bloody ages to pick a colour too as i was greeted with a huge wall of them in Boots! the one i used to use was no where to be found of course....must have been discontinued.
i used to use a l'oreal inferria one that was lovely...and red! not bloody black! arhhhh! off to find the fairy...

mumtoted Sun 09-Aug-09 17:11:40

Head and shoulders is very stripping, try a few washes with that.

pickyvic Sun 09-Aug-09 17:21:02

ill get some of that too then! honestly i am hating the mirror just now...
hope it looks better tomorrow with make up on.

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