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Please help me find a great bikini for my hol in 2 weeks

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tiredandgrumpy Sat 08-Aug-09 20:15:27

I have trawled the internet & am struggling to find something which I'd enjoy wearing. This will be my first venture out in a bikini since having kids. I'm quite slim, but I have no boobs and would feel self-conscious in anything too skimpy. Besides, am not as young as I once was.

Recommendations please.

wahwah Sat 08-Aug-09 22:38:02

Watching with interest as I am also goin on holiday in two weeks, am slim with small boobs and don't want anything too skimpy or my children will pull it off. Please help...

wahwah Sat 08-Aug-09 22:39:40

Am also not as young as I was!

macherie Sun 09-Aug-09 09:58:54

Some nice swimwear at the white company but the sale has been on for a while so choice might be a bit limited.

Lands end is fantastic for swimwear, every combination of tops and bottoms imaginable, and the quality is fantastic.

Enjoy your hols!

tiredandgrumpy Sun 09-Aug-09 19:02:42

Thank you macherie - the White Company ones in particular look far better than other stuff I've seen online.

Actually went into Monsoon today (a big one) & found some beautiful bikinis - not just one design, but several I liked & stock of different sizes too, so am now equipped. (Although might be tempted by the White Company too!).

Will try a link - I loved the Colombo bikini & vest top - better in real life than on here:

Monsoon bikinis

macherie Sun 09-Aug-09 20:20:37

They're lovely, hope you're all set now.

We are going on hols next week, but I'm more likely to need my thermals on the beach, just like last year - the scenery will be nice though!

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