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What will suit me for a wedding, spend my life in jeans!

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lilacclaire Sat 08-Aug-09 18:25:02

Im 5ft 11".
Size 10 on the bottom
Size 12 on the top due to big boobs
paleish skin, will prob have fake tan on though
blonde shoulder length hair
Not too keen on exposing shoulders, but wouldn't mind for the right dress.

I know it sounds as if i've got a great figure on paper, but honestly I live in jeans and t shirts and have no idea where to start, please help!

Oh and im skint as well, so not too expensive, will be sister of the groom if that makes a difference and its not a mega fancy do but of course I want to make an effort to see my baby brother get hitched!

Any ideas gratefully received.

KristinaM Sat 08-Aug-09 19:53:05

if you prefer trousres then they are perfectly acceptable for most weddings, unless its ultra posh or strictly religious

just need to be well cut in luxurious fabric so you dont look officy

but as you are tall and slim, it woudl be a shame not to show off you legs/figure

if you wore a frock/ strapless, would you feel glamourous and different from everyday or just uncomfortable

what age are you and what your budget?

are you ok in heels?

when is wedding( month)?

Jewelsandgems Sat 08-Aug-09 20:07:55

What about this?


cornsillk Sat 08-Aug-09 20:09:16

We need a budget!

crockydoodle Sat 08-Aug-09 20:26:31

white jeans grin

Tillyscoutsmum Sat 08-Aug-09 20:26:43

I think there are a few dresses in the new Littlewoods catalogue which are nice and good value



this one in pink ?

Jewelsandgems Sat 08-Aug-09 20:52:18

Love those tilly! and the ruffles on the bottom would help balance out the top.

Especially like that first one!

lilacclaire Sat 08-Aug-09 23:52:59

Hi, like those apart from the last one tilly, don't like the boden one, sorry.

Im 33 (but look a wee bit younger)
Wedding in November.
Could go to £100 but would be happy to spend less.

Im just not sure what suits my figure.

I guess I wouldn't feel dressed unless I had a dress on.

Wouldnt do strapless, even a thin spaghetti strap would do me, I don't need to wear a bra so that doesn't inhibit any styles (silicone city here).

lilacclaire Sat 08-Aug-09 23:59:27

I love the top part of this dress

pity its not a lot shorter

lilacclaire Sun 09-Aug-09 00:02:55

this style if it had straps but not the pattern/colour

lowrib Sun 09-Aug-09 00:29:53

Monsoon has a 70% sale on - or at least it did still at the weekend. If the sale is still on, get down there and try loads of dresses on until you find what suits. Monsoon dresses are good quality and lovely to wear, and are very reasonably priced in the sale.

I used to live in jeans (well still do really) but I worked for a while at a job where I had to attend black tie functions, and so had to wear posh dresses quite a lot. It's really fun honest, and I have a little bit of a dress fetish now.

If you're going to wear heals and you're not used to them (or even if you are) my tip is to take a very flat pair (I have some which will fit in a handbag) for when you get really drunk and can't walk in your heels your journey home, you'll be please you've got them I promise!

lilacclaire Sun 09-Aug-09 08:36:21

Thanks, I do love my heels.
Im off to do a 24hr shift at work, so will check back on monday at some point.
Will get a shopping trip to monsoon organised !

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 09-Aug-09 20:13:27

Monsoon definitely worth a look. Also try Debenhams. They usually have some nice dresses in and if you have time, its really worth using one of their personal shoppers. Ime they are really helpful, not at all pushy and you get to sit and drink coffee whilst they run around finding dresses that they think might suit you

I think this is lovely for a wedding

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