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Tell me about Freya Swimwear

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mysteryfairy Sat 08-Aug-09 14:52:48

After years of poorly fitting bras I now always and comfortably wear a 32F from Freya. We are going to Portugal for a fortnight next weekend and DH has recently told me he will have to work all the time we are there (own business). I'm now anticipating lots of time in the pool at the villa with the 3 kids. This morning has been a traipse around town to get them snorkel sets - thought they would be easy to find but that sort of section has now given way to winter coats...

It's now struck me it would probably be nice to have a well fitting bikini/swimsuit rather than wearing the Boots size 12 cossie with underwiring and me overspilling the top that I have had at least since before DD, now aged 7, was born.

I've been scouring the internet and ebay for Freya with an additional proviso being that I want to spend the minimum of money. I've identified a couple of possibilities but none are the ideal so the bargainish combos (where I have to buy the top and bottoms from two different places) I've identified lead to a few questions:

One site said you need to go up a cup size for swimwear - is this seriously true because I don't think even freya do much in a 32G?

How generous are the bikini briefs? Am more than a touch pear shaped so think I would ideally need the medium/size 12. This is sold out in every style virtually everywhere. Is the 14 a big 14 (in which case it will fall down and I might get away with a small - I'm talking M&S knickers size 14 big here) or a reasonably snug 14 (think top shop) in which case I'll be fine.

I'm pretty saggy on top after 3 children. I would never wear a non underwired bra for instance. What are the "soft" bikini tops like? - how much support do they give? Bearing in mind I really need hauling up to look presentable should I give these a miss?

All comments gratefully received... Thanks

oxocube Sat 08-Aug-09 15:01:43

Hi, I wear Freya bikinis which I buy from Bravissimo. I think they are fbulous and very supportive. I am about a 34DD or sometimes E cup and really need the extra support. I have only ever bought the underwired bikini tops as I also have 3 kids am a bit saggy in that dept! The bottoms are a little on the small side I would say - I ordered a small as I take size 10 M&S knickers and feel I could have really done with the 12. Have a look on the Bravissimo sale site and see if they have anything in your size. Or there's always EBay who have lots of Freya stuff, some BNWT smile

oxocube Sat 08-Aug-09 15:03:09

Oh sorry, you mentioned EBay already

wilkos Sat 08-Aug-09 15:05:35

I am a 32F Freya girl as well!

Well I was before I got pregnant with number 2.

The small bikini bottoms are really small, so defo go for medium. I am a bit bigger than you with a size 14 bum and large is ok for me.

I have only ever had underwired bikini tops due to droopage blush so can't help with the soft cup query. what I would say is that the 32F wired tops do fit quite snugly so be warned you may need to go up a back size.

If you want to try before you buy John Lewis stock Freya swim

mysteryfairy Sat 08-Aug-09 15:11:25

Thanks everyone. Sounds like the underwired is definitely the best option then...

I wish I could go for medium bottoms - there seems to be a bit of a gap in the market for them - Next have a couple but super skimpy with tie sides whereas I would favour something more grannyish!

Do you all stick with your normal freya cup size then? I was worried by one site, not sure which as I have looked at so many, that said to size up one. I can go up a back size to 34 but nowhere to size up to from an f cup...

mysteryfairy Sat 08-Aug-09 15:14:37

I really like this one but £35.18 plus p and p for a bikini top!

rigby and peller

Is it worth the money?

nobodysfool Sat 08-Aug-09 15:29:58

Hey they had some Freya swinwear on QVC or was it ideal world this morning.You could have a look on line and see if its any cheaper.

nobodysfool Sat 08-Aug-09 15:31:52

here you go

oxocube Sat 08-Aug-09 15:35:20

ooh that's nice mysteryfairy. Personally, bikinis are one thing I am prepared to spend on. I don't mind buying cheap clothes on the whole but if you are on holiday, bearing more flesh than you would would ever normally bear in front of complete strangers, well, I think you are entiteled to look as fabulous as possible and if this means a £40 bikini top, well so be it.

It will last you for years anyway (at least that's my excuse) smile

mysteryfairy Sat 08-Aug-09 15:42:16

I agree Oxocube, not sure if DH will, that's the problem. He'll go on that he's got some speedo swim shorts from TK Maxx for a tenner or something but if I wear to wear a speedo cossie my norks would be somewhere not that far from my waist... blush

For some strange reason the bikini pants for this were in the Next sale this morning reduced to £10 so have ordered those and am half way there - its just the expensive half I am wavering over.

Thanks nobodysfool - they do have stock in all sizes - hesitate over the underwired bikin in that range being padded as I'm not really keen to be padded out any further!

oxocube Sat 08-Aug-09 15:57:55

all in one cossies on large norked ladies rarely look good IMO. Regardless of figure or size, I nearly always think women look better in bikinis, simply because of the extra support

mysteryfairy Sat 08-Aug-09 16:01:55

DH will come back with "who is going to look at you?" - as he did this morning when I mentioned possibly having a spray tan. The answer is probably no-one if I look presentable but potentially plenty of people if I don't!

SilentBob Sun 09-Aug-09 18:20:53

There aren't any at the moment, but if you become a member and keep checking Secret Sales they have fabulous discounts on Freya (among others- there is a Karen Millen one coming up, I have asked for a reminder!) I managed to get a Freya set for about 20% of its original price a few months ago. HTH in the future smile

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