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Can anyone recommend a (cheap) cleanser & moisturiser for a rosacea sufferer please?

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Deanna1977 Sat 08-Aug-09 11:09:10

I have suffered from rosacea for a good long while & I need some new cleanser/moisturiser. The ones that I use are good (Phytomer) but expensive. Can anyone recommend a good Cleanser/moisturiser for very, very sensitive skin which is relatively cheap (under £10) & easy to get hold of.


bellissima Sat 08-Aug-09 14:01:55

I just use Nivea sensitive skin wipes for cleansing, but have found a sulphur cream by a Harrogate sulphur soap coy (you can look it up on the net and it's under £10) helps reduce redness if you apply at night. It's an old fashioned remedy that does apparently help some though not all people (it does smell a bit!). Clinique do a pricier range of cleansers and creams for flushy skin - I quite like the moisturiser but I'm not convinced the cleanser is better than cheaper varieties. And I assume that you have an antibiotic cream from the doc (NB a friend wisely advised me to switch from the gel they normally prescribe to cream if skin dry) - thats just the cost of the prescription - though I prefer not to use all the time.

Joolsiam Sat 08-Aug-09 14:09:35

I had rosacea years ago - it went undiagnosed for ages and ages, with GP's prescribing me around 12 different creams before eventually referring me to a dermatologist when I got to the point where my boss was not taking me along to client meetings as it looked so bad - I was put on some specialist antibiotics that cleared it up within days and it only comes back once every few years.

I may have been extremely lucky and you've tried all that, but thought I'd mention it anyway ...

I used to use aqueous cream for both cleansing and moisturising

mankyscotslass Sat 08-Aug-09 14:50:26

I have the metrocream as it is better under makeup for me.

At the moment I use nivea soap free facial wash for sensitive skin, and a norwegian formula moisturiser for dry skin, both suite me at the moment. I also use the Norwegian formula wipes, and have used simple facial wash.

I also use mineral make up, but the pure minerals like Bare Escentuals, Lilly loo and the Iredale minerals.

BitOfFun Sat 08-Aug-09 15:27:38

You need to check out the Oil Cleansing threads on here! Marvellous, costs pennies, so kind and gentle, and incredibly effective. I haven't spent a penny on cleansers or moisturisers since May.

Deanna1977 Sat 08-Aug-09 19:49:06

Thanks for your suggestions Bellisima, Mankyscotslass & Bit of Fun.

BOF I was initially sceptical of the oil cleansing method but having looked into it I may give it a go!

Jools - I have used a number of prescription creams, but have not used antibiotics as TTC. My rosacea is not so bad at the moment as I am on Zynert (sp,) but it really gets bad on occasions & its a real downer. Glad to hear you have sorted your roscacea out.

Mithered Mon 10-Aug-09 20:40:14

Hi I have tried everything over the years and have just been treated to a Dermalogica facial for my birthday and can't believe what a difference it has made to my skin. I have invested in the cleanser and moisturiser and my skin feels great - not itchy and dry for the first time in years. I know you wanted a cheap version but just to tell you in case you come into some money I would definitely try it.

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Mon 10-Aug-09 20:50:21

Another vote for oil cleansing.
I only remember to do it about once a week but in the morning it feels like you've had a facial. Loads of people swear by it.

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Mon 10-Aug-09 20:52:31

Sorry try again.

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