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Neat (and firm!) way of putting up long hair with shorter layers

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RubberDuck Fri 07-Aug-09 14:02:16

Not sure if this goes in this section really, but I'll give it a try

I need to tie my hair back for martial arts training (just too hot and annoying to have it down) but putting it in a pony tail just leaves the side bits hanging down awkwardly which get in the way. Clips don't seem to really help.

I never had long hair as a child, so I seemed to have missed the girlie fancy styles stage everyone else seemed to go through. I did once attempt to do a french plait following instructions on the net, but lets just say that it didn't go very well and would be very unlikely to last 2.5 hours of training even with a lot of hairspray.

So, are there any sort of clever gizmos that help you put layered hair up securely and still look nice? Preferably something that doesn't leave anything too hard at the back so I can still do press-ups without getting a bruised skull?

I had a quick browse through Claire's Accessories today, but tbh I was completely bewildered and didn't really know what you were supposed to do with most of the weird grips and clasp things they stocked.

CMOTdibbler Fri 07-Aug-09 14:16:44

How long are the shorter layers ? I used to do my hair by parting from ear to ear, pulling that up to the top of my head, securing with a ponytail band, then doing a ponytail which then held that bit too.

French plaits are a beggar to do on yourself - with lots of practice they do get very secure (as a teen my mum would plait mine first thing, and I could go rowing all day without it shifting), but it takes time

Joolsiam Fri 07-Aug-09 14:25:54

I have exactly this problem, with thick, heavy hair that has a degree in escapology

1 - You can get extra long hair grips - they work a lot better

2 - I sometimes use a fabric headband to hold the sides in place, use hair grips to hold it in place and tie the longer bits back in a pony tail

3 - Two pony tails - one up high for the shorter bits and a second for the long bits - not the most stylish look in the world but it works

4 - I use two very thick hair bands that are wound together and twisted round the pony tail as tight as I can possibly get them - often three times.

Nothing is foolproof - on Saturdays, I do a double class at the gym and always have to retie it between classes.

Will be watching this with interest for a better answer. Would love to do a French plait, but fear it is beyond me !

RubberDuck Fri 07-Aug-09 14:36:02

Some good ideas here, ta - especially the two pony tails thing, hadn't thought of that.

The shorter bits are to the bottom of my ears, with longer bits around jaw line, and longest parts 2"-3" lower than my shoulders. I should probably have it cut into a more practical style, I know - but I do like it like this, except for that one class once a week!

Yeah, I do love french plaits, they look so lovely. But I feel like I need to be double jointed and have three arms to do it justice grin

MrsBadger Fri 07-Aug-09 14:49:31

yy french plaits

actually the best way to get in short layers is to do two french plaits, one either side of a centre parting. ARse to do but rock solid. Example here but obv without the roses. (NB this is also a great one for ballet exams etc for dds whose hair is too short to do a decent bun)

my layers are long enough to go into a ponytail, but I suffer from wispy bits escaping round my face. I got a Stay Put 'headwrap' similar to this but narrower from Boots - it has rubbery bits in like (er) a strapless bra so stays in really well, but it sin;t the most fetching thing to wear when the rest of my hair is tied back as it looks quite severe.

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