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Hair dye reaction......please give me hope!

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LynetteScavo Fri 07-Aug-09 09:43:37

I had a mild reaction yesterday at the hairdressers when I was having my roots done.
I go every 3 or 4 weeks to have the grey cover, because I'm, about 90% grey.

I didn't say anything to the hairdresser, because, I didn't want her not to do my hair...but now I'm really worried about next time....will the reaction be worse? shock

I really can't go! sad

lucykate Fri 07-Aug-09 09:47:33

when you say mild reaction, do you mean it felt a bit tingly when the dye was on, or are you still feeling the effects now?

LynetteScavo Fri 07-Aug-09 09:51:23

It was very tingly/hot when the dye was on - uncmfortably so.

Now I have little crusty bits on two small area of my scalp, as if it weeped slighly and then dried..(sorry if TMI)...but my scalp looks absolutely fine...I've had DH and DS examine it, and they say it's perfect. It's still slightly tender though, in just those two small areas.

lucykate Fri 07-Aug-09 10:15:32

right, i'm not expert but speaking from experience as a long term fellow hair dyer, it could be down to the mix of hair dye. salons tend to mix the dye fresh for each client, she could have accidently used a stronger solution than usual which is why you reacted to it. did she leave it on too long?or, have you changed shampoo/conditioner?, something like that could make your scalp more sensitive. with the crusty bits - did she wash all the dye out thoroughly enough?

like i said, i'm no expert, hopefully someone with hairdressing experience will come along and be able to help. i home dye now, and have found a few brands affect me more than others. some just tingle a bit when the dye is on, once it's washed off, it's fine. others, have left my scalp a bit itchy for a few days.

LynetteScavo Fri 07-Aug-09 10:32:22

I think she may have used a stronger solution - I could fee the suff sort of burnign my eyes as she was aplying it.....should I say somthing next time I go?

I'm having a different person next time anyway.....I just don't want them to refuse to dye me!

ChristieF Fri 07-Aug-09 10:40:38

I've been dyeing my hair for over 20 years and never had an allergic reaction except with one brand. If it starts to burn get it off straight away. I thought that using a "natural" product would be better but Naturtint began burning badly straight away. Even though I rinsed it off straight away I still have scabs on my head over 8 months later. The whole top of my head was covered in burnt skin and scabs. I have gone back to Loreal Excellence or Nice and Easy. Neither of them burn me.

lucykate Fri 07-Aug-09 10:57:36

i'd mention it. when i used to go to the hairdressers for highlights, years ago, they had a card with my details on and the dye recipe they used for me. it was usually the salon junior who mixed it, and sometimes it would be stronger, you could tell by the smell.

lucykate Fri 07-Aug-09 11:05:43

problem with 'natural' hair dyes is that instead of containing ammonia, some contain para-phenylenediamine (ppd), found in black henna, which can be very dangerous. if you think about it, ammonia is found in urine, so its kind of natural too.

i react with 'nice & easy' but that's the only home brand i've had problems with.

Icantbelieveit Fri 07-Aug-09 12:06:39

Apparently you can become allergic to the the dye when you haven't been before.

Once at the hairdresser my scalp was burning and |I had to ask them to wash it off, it had never happened before and the hairdresser said as I has washed my hair that morning only a short while before having it done that could have made my head more sensitive.

Last time I went I washed my hair the nigh tbefore and had no problems at all.

Though it could have been the strength of the dye that time, who knows.

LynetteScavo Fri 07-Aug-09 17:13:19

So you were alright after that, long did you wait before you tried to colour again?

Icantbelieveit Sat 08-Aug-09 11:09:43

I was totally fine after that, I couldn't say for sure that it wasn't anything to do with the strength of the dye that time. I'll never know adn I don't suppose they are going to tell me.

I can't exactly remember how long it was when I had it done again, but it would have been at least 3 months.
I should have it done much sooner because of my grey but I can never be that organised, so I walk around looking like a badger for ages.

Try to leave it as long as you possibly can befor ethe next time you have it coloured, wash your hair long befor eyour appointment and ask them to keep an eye on the strength because of what happened.
Also get them to wash it off a bit sooner too.

But definitely tell them what happened, my head didn't scab and weep but it might have done if I'd have left it on for longer.

onetiredmummy Sat 08-Aug-09 16:24:19

Try brown or red henna from Lush & DIY. I use it loads as its natural & no chemicals in it. OK you have to walk around for 3 hours with clingfilm round your head, & if you have long hair it feels like a cold wet poo on your head, but the colour is gorgeous!! & it covers greys.

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