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Anyone been to Westfield?

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deaddei Fri 07-Aug-09 09:09:35

My dd wants a Hollister hoody for her birthday., and there's a Hollister shop in Westfield. I've never been (live sw London so not too far)- is it a good centre, or not worth the hype?

claricebeansmum Fri 07-Aug-09 09:12:29

I went for the first time on Monday. It is absolutely massive and has absolutely hundreds of shops. The lay out is pants so get a map.

I think they are offering 2hrs free parking.

LadyThompson Fri 07-Aug-09 10:45:26

I think it's very good. Large, with all the usual stuff, but then a nice designery section. There's a champagne bar as well.

kylesmybaby Fri 07-Aug-09 13:23:01

go on the westfield site - it lists all of the shops that are there.

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