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Help me find the perfect handbag

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Marne Thu 06-Aug-09 15:43:57

I am not really a handbag person but my handbag has had it and i need to find a nice new one, it has to be large enough for me to fit my purse, phone, sun glasses, make up and sometimes a nappy for dd in grin. So just a everyday handbag. I don't really know whats fashionable so i need a little help please, any ideas?

Penthesileia Thu 06-Aug-09 16:17:32

Do you have quite a bit of money to spend, ie. up to £130? If so, the following bags from Hobbs are rather nice and classic, IMO:


and this

and this.

Marne Fri 07-Aug-09 16:03:27

Thanks, they look great but a bit too much for me as i seem to wear them out within a few months.

I popped into town this morning and noticed a designer handbag shop (which i would normally just walk past), thaey had a sale on so thought i would take a peak and managed to get a Radley bag reduced from 135.00 to 35.00 shock, i'm really pleased with it and its the most i have spent on a handbag. Dh still thinks 35.00 is a lot (thats men for you).

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