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Leggings - a question!

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OllieWollieWoo Wed 05-Aug-09 16:06:07

Which are best - the ones made out of jersey/t-shirt type material OR the ones that are like tights - say 60 denier??? Are they pretty much the same? About to dip my toe into the wonderful world of legging wearing (ie to wear under summer dresses and tunics) and am faffing re which type to buy!

cocolepew Wed 05-Aug-09 16:23:54

jersey type, for me.

CMOTdibbler Wed 05-Aug-09 16:34:18

If I'm wearing a knee length dress/tunic, then the ones like thick tights are fine. Shorter than that, it has to be the jersey ones.

overall, I prefer the jersey ones

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