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Pigment moustache! SO unfair - not only do I have a real 'tache, but now I've got a big brown 'pregnancy mask' on my upper lip too!

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twoflakesanight Tue 04-Aug-09 21:55:06

OK, so I've always had a proper moustache that I try to keep under control with waxing, but this is too much. DS2 just turned one but it shows no signs of fading from last summer, despite the lack of sun this year.

My aunty took me to one side at my bro's wedding a fw weeks ago and said 'You've got chocolate al round your mouth!' and when I said 'no, no I haven't, its a pigment thing' sha said 'No, really, it's chocolate!' and pulled me over to the window fo better look. Then my dad greeted me the other day when I opened the door to him, having not seen me for weeks, by saying 'hello love - ooh, you've got something all round your mouth'. ARGH!

DH says he doesn't notice it, but an honest friend told me she can see it and now it's all i see when I look in the mirror!

Anyone got any advice? Laser stuff work? Where to go? I live in London.

kitkatqueen Wed 05-Aug-09 01:04:03

You can get it bleached, i found a fab cleanser once that removed all of my eostrogen staining, my sister was stunned as she suffers from it too and I lent her my last bottle. It removed all of hers too, unfortunatly I am now pregs with no4 and I too have a dodgy tasch. I have tried everywhere to get some more of that cleanser but can't get it anywhere.

I have been advised to wait until the baby is born and have it bleached.

It only takes a small amount of uv to make the staining show up so invest in a hat too.

sazm Wed 05-Aug-09 01:08:47

my sis has suffered this since she had her dd(who is now 5)
she wears olay moisturiser with spf in it,
if she doesnt it comes out really dark,

jooseyfruit Wed 05-Aug-09 06:27:47

you must use sunscreen, i use factor 50.

twoflakesanight Wed 05-Aug-09 14:06:30

Ooh that cleanswer sounds great - can you remember what it was called!?

I wear factor 50 sunscreen...well, when I remember. Thanks, gals x

kitkatqueen Wed 05-Aug-09 22:56:31

Hey I know exactly what it was It was superdrugs own brand cheap as chips pore reducing cleanser. It was packaged in an odd silver metal bottle. Have checked locally instore and no luck, bought the nearest thing because I was hoping they had just repackaged it, but no luck I have also checked online and can't find it on there either. My sister is an extreme hoarder tho... I think I may have to have a chat with her and see if she's still got any leftgrin

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