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Are there any hairdressers around?

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MrsFogi Tue 04-Aug-09 16:38:31

I'd like to learn to do my own hair - to blow dry it sleek and straight and maybe to do a nice, uncomplicated up-style for work. I am completely useless when it comes to my hair - I wash and leave in a clip until it's dry and that's it. I figure that I need to get some sort of hairdressing lesson. Can you tell me how I should go about this - should I just call up some hairdressers and see if they'd do it or is there any "academy" where I could get some training for a few hours? Also, any views on what I'd be expecting to pay (do hairdresser's have hourly rates they can charge clients?/should it be comparable to what I pay for a cut and blowdry or cut/colour/blowdry if that makes sense)?
Any other ideas/ views welcome. Btw I'm in SE London.

MrsFogi Tue 04-Aug-09 20:16:15

Bump for the evening mners.

TeamEdward Tue 04-Aug-09 20:20:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsFogi Tue 04-Aug-09 20:23:02

I've tried looking but I am probably the least practical person you have ever met and looking has not helped me one bit. I don't really have a usual hairdresser.

macherie Tue 04-Aug-09 21:21:14

There was a thread about this a few weeks ago, I'll have a look....

macherie Tue 04-Aug-09 21:40:43

Found it

macherie Tue 04-Aug-09 21:44:42

And after all that I just read the thread and there's no recommendations on it anyway blush

Well, the OP on it mught give you a few pointers.

I tried my best, I'm rubbish at blowdrying too.

Curiousmama Tue 04-Aug-09 21:49:08

Make sure your hair is only slightly damp, the style only happens in last few seconds. Pin it up in sections starting at the back and take your time until you get the hang of it. Use large brush for sleekness. Also I like those big hot airbrushes, revlon big curl etc.. If you're in a rush you can waft dry and style with this. You find the back and top take longer than the front as it's finer there.

Also If you use large rollers (heated?) to give your hair some root lift it'll make it easier to put up. You can take sections twist slightly and pin, practise until you get a look you like. Add an accessory. Use 2 mirrors or a friend to help.

Curiousmama Tue 04-Aug-09 21:50:03

Oh and it's best not to put hair up when just washed, a day later and it goes up much easier.

MrsFogi Wed 05-Aug-09 12:12:47

Thanks for all your replies. That link was useful - I've booked with Charles Worthington.

thighsmadeofcheddar Wed 05-Aug-09 12:17:21

And you need a really good quality blowdryer. It has to have a good heat to it.

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