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New job - need new clothes! Help!

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Blissful Tue 04-Aug-09 15:30:08

I am starting a new job in September and I am desperate for wardrobe advice. My old job was school based and the new job is a bit more 'corporate'. Eek! I have spent the last few years in casual stuff but now need to smarten up. I have 2 suits (black and grey), basic but boring, and just purchased 2 merino cardigans from Boden sale in red and purple. Have a number of lightweight jumpers, but not much else. What items should I purchase now? It will still be fairly warm in September, but most of my lighter stuff is too casual. And shoes - most of mine are flat and I feel that heels are more appropriate now.
All advice on creating an emergency capsule wardrobe which won't have me sweating buckets greatly appreciated!

bebesequin Tue 04-Aug-09 20:06:26

Not sure how formal you have to be -I stick to two suits one grey wool and one black-underneath long or short sleeved scoop neck t shirts with lycra for good shape in a variety of colours, with a little cardigan in winter the Boden ones sound lovely. The pelle seconde tops Next do are ideal as they have lots of lycra usually go for black white and maybe a deep red or purple one.Some feature jewellery bits to brighten up or some skinny scarves-try Monsoon- good decent sized statement bag to add a bit of your own style to the corporate look.

I tend to avoid shirts some of my colleagues go for shirts under their suits but too much ironing for me the t shirt type tops are easier to layer-

As for footwear I still do pumps just got some black patent ones from Monsoon and some nice ones from fly-Keeping a corporate wardrobe means I have more clothes to wear at the week end and can spend my cash on things I really like-

bebesequin Tue 04-Aug-09 20:08:10

Er tht will be seconde pelle tops i mean smile

Blissful Wed 05-Aug-09 12:19:17

Thanks, Bebesequin!

Haven't looked at shoes by Fly, but will have a browse online. I am not quite sure how formal I need to be yet, either, just know that I need to be smarter!

janeite Wed 05-Aug-09 13:13:15

It looks like fitted jackets will be all the rage this Autumn, so wait a few weeks and they may well start coming in.

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