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Comfortable heels

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giraffesCantCatchSwineFlu Tue 04-Aug-09 09:38:27

I love high heels. Used to wear them every day at school/uni. But now they hurt! Where can I get heels that are comfortable? I really want some comfy high heel boots for the autumn.

pixiemoon Thu 06-Aug-09 07:06:15

My strategy revolves mostly around an array of gel pads (for balls of feet, heel straps, toe posts etc depending on style of shoe), an array of compeed plasters so can keep wearing them if get blisters, and breaking feet in gently - wearing for longer and longer. Personally I find dotty p's heels are great, I can wear them all day and they're generally only £30-40, but my best friend who has bigger feet than be finds them uncomfortable, so I guess it's a bit individual.

I've also found heels comfier since going to the chiropodist just for a check-up/hard skin removal. Sometimes a pedicure just isn't enough!

PrincessLayer Thu 06-Aug-09 12:13:58

Hope you don't mind me butting in on your question but I was coming over here to ask for similar advice.

I've got myself a pair of shoes (first in about 20 years) with a not too huge heel. Trouble is, as soon as my feet get a bit sweaty warm my feet start sliding around in my shoes. They are the right size. I tried an insole but it was too thick and made the shoes feel too small. And they're not the sort you can wear those little (ballet pump) socks with. Any hints?

dexter73 Thu 06-Aug-09 12:28:11

I find wedges are so much more comfortable than heels.

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