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Please find me some slippers/soft-soled leather house shoes

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LeninGrad Mon 03-Aug-09 17:47:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zanz1bar Mon 03-Aug-09 18:21:45

i'm watching this with interest.

Anyone any ides?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Mon 03-Aug-09 18:30:29

Hmm no help here but I find any suede soled type things I have had quite slippy on the floor especially when the suede goes a bit shiny after a bit of wear.

I had until last winter a pair of Rubber soled ballerina style slippers they were fab for around the house non slip and if I needed to pop to car or garden I could leave them on. Cannot for the life of me remember the make will try and find out but they were from an indipendant shoee shop young looking and modern though.

trixymalixy Mon 03-Aug-09 18:31:26

What about proper black leather ballet shoes?

trixymalixy Mon 03-Aug-09 18:35:01


moondog Mon 03-Aug-09 18:36:46

<guffaw at swede soles>

How about Crocs? I wouldn't wear hem out but they are shoe of choix in house. More comfortable than thin soled slippers.

Fillyjonk Mon 03-Aug-09 18:39:21

second crocs, think you can get mary janes which are a bit ballerina-esq

I have crocs as slippers and am increasingly noticomg a trend thus

moondog Mon 03-Aug-09 18:43:15

Yes, those Mary Janes are verging on pretty.
I do love my in house Crocs. I brought them all the way to Bangladesh with me.

LeninGrad Mon 03-Aug-09 18:52:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Mon 03-Aug-09 18:55:33

Actually not as sweaty as you would think without sock. It is weird rubber on crocs actually and isn't as slimy and sweaty feeling as normal rubber.
Used to have a pair for the house but lost 1 hmm when we moved they were great house shoes have to agree.

moondog Mon 03-Aug-09 18:56:58

I have never had sweaty feet in Crocs. They are so big and roomy and airy, twould be impossible.

cookielove Mon 03-Aug-09 18:58:57

i have 5 pairs of crocs and can assure they are very comfy to wear, to be honest i do sweat in them but only on really hot days, although work has underfloor heating which also keeps my feet warm, i even have the slipper version, which are so so comfy so i'm basically here to say i vote crocs

moondog Mon 03-Aug-09 19:02:15

Why so many??
Are you a big shoe person generally?

herbietea Mon 03-Aug-09 19:03:46

Message withdrawn

janeite Mon 03-Aug-09 19:18:46

I couldn't wear Crocs anywhere but certainly not in the house - I like to be able to curl my toes! I have lovely soft ballet slippers from M&S and some sweet little sheepskin lined silk ballet slippers from Jones (v Chinesey).

The M&S ones are a bit like this (but nicer) M&S

Jones don't seem to have any yet.

White Company?

cookielove Mon 03-Aug-09 19:57:52

i'm a very big shoe person, and i also like to have the brand names, oh yes i'm sad, i'm crazy really a big shopaholic really.

My best mate bought me my crocs but you can get them from croc shops, depends where you live though, there is one in westfields.

office sell them here

cookielove Mon 03-Aug-09 19:59:47

or here quite cheap

brokenspacebar Mon 03-Aug-09 23:08:35

these look soft and comfortable.

LeninGrad Tue 04-Aug-09 11:32:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brokenspacebar Tue 04-Aug-09 23:04:39

I like these for a bit af bling round the house?

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Wed 05-Aug-09 08:55:51

Cotton soles here: 4b1

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Wed 05-Aug-09 09:00:24

The brocade slippers here are pretty:

mathanxiety Sat 15-Aug-09 01:48:36

Try, an American clothing, outdoor gear, luggage etc retailer. They carry shoes that are of the sensible variety, but warning -- in US sizes, but they have helpful phone people and will help you convert. Shipping might cost a bit.

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