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Where do I need to go for highlights that do not look FARKING AWFUL

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TheScatterGunApproach Mon 03-Aug-09 17:17:06

I have been to three different salons for highlights.

Every time, they put in really horrible looking STRIPES. I have just shelled out yet more cash and my hair looks fucking well fluorescent and patchy, with one-inch dark roots and a ginger stripe for good measure!

I have made an appointment for Weds for her to fix it up but she'll probably make it even worse.

What the hell do I need to do to get natural-looking blonde highlights? I am spending a fortune to look like I did it myself in the bathroom and really badly!

SueW Mon 03-Aug-09 17:24:14

Yuck, yuck

I don't have highlights any more because I found it too difficult to find someone who could do it properly after the one person who could moved away. I used to like to have very, very fine sections highlighted, maybe just a few hairs iyswim. And done wrongly, it looks even worse in photos than it does in real life IMO.

Anyway I am naturally v dark so I now get a dark colour all over, sometimes with red flashes (see my photos).

My current hairdresser could probably do it very well, but I'm enjoying being dark!

GrimmaTheNome Mon 03-Aug-09 17:25:30

I find that anywhere with sea and sun for a couple of weeks works best grin.

pointydog Mon 03-Aug-09 17:28:12

Sound slike you might need a highlight colour that is closer to your base colour, to avoid the stripe effect.

Do you choose a colour for the highlight or do they just bleach bits?

TheScatterGunApproach Mon 03-Aug-09 17:36:15

They just bleach bits.

Gah, I get so excited thinking it's going to look nice and then it looks tacky as hell!

Disclaimer: I realise there are people in the world with real problems.

pointydog Mon 03-Aug-09 17:38:28

You need to speak to the hairdresser and say you would like to choose a darker colour for the highlights, say you don't like the white dry look wink

stripes200 Mon 03-Aug-09 17:44:53

I have been going to the same hairdresser for about 15 years now and won't allow anyone else to touch it with bleach. I have tried, they have failed.

He isn't a fantastic cutter but the man is sooo careful at colouring that, for what I want from him, he really can't be beaten.

I have now moved away from London but I still travelled the hour on the train back to his salon so he could do my hair rather than go for a local one because I am convinced nobody would do as good a job.

I have full head highlights. Over the years I have gone lighter and lighter and now have it bleached. I'm blonde anyway but need a little brightening smile covers the greys too.

Not only is he really good he is cheap by comparison to others; £70 for full head highlights cut and a blow dry.

He is called Bokki and his salon in Herne Hill in London SE24.

Don't know if thats anywhere near you but I would recommend him as a colourist, most defo.

traceybath Mon 03-Aug-09 17:47:00

You need to ask someone whose got nice hi-lights where they get them done. I really think personal recommendation is the way to go.

Where abouts are you roughly?

TheScatterGunApproach Mon 03-Aug-09 18:25:44

West London.

Not the posh part, haha! But travelled to a posh-ish part for my hair.

Not that it did any good.

Sulk! Sulk! Sulk!!

Have been trying different partings but still looks shite and husband due home any minute (he thinks I should just leave it brunette).

(Muttering to fade)

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Aug-09 18:29:14

Am thinking of using Aveda next time, if I bother.

Cos their hairdressers always have more natural looking hair. And I think their ingredients are more natural?

smugmumofboys Mon 03-Aug-09 18:37:54

Definitely ask someone with the look you're after. Even if it's a stranger in the street. Recommendations deffo the way to go.

squeaver Mon 03-Aug-09 18:43:12

I have to say, I think you get what you pay for with highlights (the more expensive the better, I'm afraid).

I can't even look at the credit card slip when I get mine done I'm so blush but I do get lots of compliments.

I go to Charles Worthington in town.

HeadFairy Mon 03-Aug-09 18:43:18

Remember that highlights always look a bit stripey when they're first done IME.... have you washed it since they were done?

My mum has been going to a place called Ellis Helen in Walton Street (round the back of Harrods) for years... a half head of highlights will cost about £130 but they are excellent.. I have them done now and then when I can afford it, but my mum's a regular and she's mega glam and always looks amazing. I can't remember the name of the colourist, but he's a big black guy. Not that that helps you when you're booking!

Their number is 020 7589 8519

Sammy74 Mon 03-Aug-09 18:43:53

Whereabouts in West London are you? I can recommend someone in Chiswick.

pania Mon 03-Aug-09 19:03:37

How about the Toni & Guy Academy?
I used to go there for free haircuts when I lived in London. They were always good. Mind you, it takes hours since they're so closely supervised. I never had highlights done though...

BodenGroupie Tue 04-Aug-09 08:48:58

I don't have bleach any more, just three different tints in fine sections. Seems much better and doesn't go brassy.

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 04-Aug-09 08:56:02

Almost scared to mention it on MN as they always seem to get a slating, but I go to Toni & Guy and half half head highlights. They have always done an excellent job.

I am mousy dark blonde and what I said right at the beginning was that I w anted my hair to look naturally blonde, not the tiger stripe look. I also wanted no hint of brassiness or ginger (have had highlights before which were vile gingery stripes). The took ages going through different colour options with me and the result is perfect. They also place the highlight foils in such a way so that you can change your parting as well.

Mine costs about £110 for half head, including cut and blow dry.

amidaiwish Tue 04-Aug-09 08:59:52

can you get to Cobham (down the A3?) i have a fab colourist there.

TheScatterGunApproach Tue 04-Aug-09 13:20:34

thank you so much to all!

I went to another place (oh what the hell, it was Hair Associates, Church Street, Twickenham)
and they put a nice honey colour through it for £35!!!!


Now I am extremely happy with life.

amidaiwish Tue 04-Aug-09 20:18:21

who did you see there? i've been there, was quite good too.

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