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10 years younger bootcamp - Calling WWW!

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sybilfaulty Mon 03-Aug-09 15:19:15


A few months ago, we had a weekly thread run by the lovely WickedWaterWitch which motivated many of us to drink more water, eat well, take some exercise, cut the booze and generally look after ourselves. It was such a good thread and really helped me to stick to the straight and narrow for many months.

WWW stopped running the thread at the end of last year and, though we soldiered on for a short time, it wasn't the same without her. I posted on another thread yesterday and Winnie mentioned that she also missed the thread and would love it to be revived. However, we don't really want to do it without WWW at the helm.

So, WWW, if you are out there, is there any chance we could lure you back? I had a baby in Dec (was posting as Chutney Mary then) and though I've lost some weight I need the firm hand of the thread to sort the rest of me out. Plus I miss others on the thread (Saggars, Norks, Marina, Love and Squalor and Bundle to name but a few).

Many thanks

sybilfaulty Mon 03-Aug-09 18:59:58


winnie09 Mon 03-Aug-09 20:54:34

Oh I am missing everyone mentioned and Batters too

sybilfaulty Mon 03-Aug-09 23:14:34

Batters! Gosh, yes, I'd forgotten about her, but now you mention it, she lived near me in SE London and used to go on exciting walks in Brockwell park with a dodgy woman grin

Please ladies, come back so we can [try to] have as much of a jolly tme as we did in the good ole days <<wistful>>

Dingle Wed 05-Aug-09 15:59:32

Do you know- I have come back to see if this is still going on. I have just started an exercise program and desperately need to eat better and generally feel better about myself.

winnie09 Wed 05-Aug-09 17:59:11

Hi Dingle

cerys Wed 05-Aug-09 18:38:51

I assumed they had all left to go to the other site as I haven't noticed any of them posting much lately

winnie09 Wed 05-Aug-09 18:47:01

Cerys! hello other site? I was absent when that happened but I miss them. MN moves so fast these days I think there are lots of names on here I 'know' but miss iyswim hmm

Dingle Wed 05-Aug-09 18:55:26

I have really only ever visited the crafty and the Special needs threads and don't really even do that now.

I have started running again - been feeling really low about myself and really need a boost...a bit of me time and some motivation to pamper a bit too!LOL

winnie09 Wed 05-Aug-09 22:46:12

oh dingle, I know what you mean about needing a boost and motivation to pamper oneself.

Please WWW come back. It won't be the same without you

winnie09 Wed 05-Aug-09 22:48:00

Just had a thought about Batters and champagne and nice crisps and she still managed to lose so much weight ~ it was all of the walking she did around London...

unknownrebelbang Wed 05-Aug-09 22:54:02

None of you feckers missed me then? wink grin

Congrats Syb/chutney

sybilfaulty Wed 05-Aug-09 23:08:52

Gawd, I should know better than to mention people by name as otherwise as soon as someone, understandably hurt, posts I remember them and theirs! Hello, Ureb, how are you and your lovely boys (it is 3 boys, isn't it? Quite large boys as I recall)? Have you been bootcamping on the quiet? If the thread can be resurrected are you game?

I assume that many of the mainstays of the thread are in the Other Place. I was having my son when all that kicked off so missed most of it. I do yearn for our wise and witty thread though. Would anyone be able to lure some of the old hands back from wherever they are, even if just to this safe corner of the Style and Beauty topic?

winnie09 Wed 05-Aug-09 23:13:41

unknown, I knew that someone would say 'you didn't miss me then?' How are you? Everyone is coming out of the woodwork. I am so annoyed I used to have Batters & WWW's email addys but changed my email account and lost them (don't ask) regretted it from that minute!

I do see the bootcamp resurrecting grin

Dingle Thu 06-Aug-09 09:22:49

Come on ladies...what do you want to achieve?

I don't know anything about the "other place" or why everyone went...but I do know I need a bit of motivation. PLEASE!

Me: I am 43,11st 3lb, 5ft5in, and not been down under 10st since having the children (DS9 & DD7!) In the last year I have stuck on just over 11st and I feel really YUK!

After years of struggling with our DD in mainstream trying to get her supported, she is starting a SN school in September-a huge weight of MY shoulders as up til now I was trying to be mum, carer, therapist and teacher...but I so want to be just mum!

I have just finished an NVQ in childcare, I work a few sessions a week in a pre-school and I so need to find my own identity again and feel good about myself!

I want to lose weight, make time for me and generally feel better about myself. Just had all my hair cut off and I am colouring it "PLUM!" LOL...need a major boost in confidence.

Who's next?

winnie09 Thu 06-Aug-09 15:47:26

Oh Dingle...
I am so glad that you are finally getting some support with dd!

Having a hair cut and a colour does kick start the self esteem. My dd dyed my hair recently and I have had lots of positive comments.

I am an inch shorter than you and several stone heavier shock but I have been losing weight again and I need a boost to keep at it. I have dragged the Moron out again and I am swimming 2-3 times a week again so I am feeling good about that. I have finally started to move on from end of my marriage (it has taken a long time & many reconciliation attempts)! It is now all very messy and quite draining BUT although I have felt really crap about myself on and off I am generally feeling much happier and just need something to keep me motivated. I am starting dating and having a life again. I am also looking for a new job so I need to keep my confidence up so that I don't revert to type and accept second best job & relationship wise. No pressure then grin

unknownrebelbang Thu 06-Aug-09 23:59:10

Twas totally tongue-in-cheek grin.

I'm fine thanks (well a bit off today) but generally speaking, everything's ok.

My three boisterous boys are lovely, apart from driving me maaaad; DH has finished work although he doesn't officially retire until next month, and he's 50 at the end of the month.

I've lost three stone since the diabetes diagnosis last September and I'm lighter than I was pre-children (although still have a little more to lose~); the diabetes is well under control with diet and exercise. Exercising is not a problem (generally) but still struggle with food sometimes, but hey I must be doing something right.

Oh, and we have a new addition to the family...a gorgeous collie cross who has settled in so well, it's like we've had her forever.

Dingle Fri 07-Aug-09 17:44:13

How are we doing today ladies? I didn't exercise last night, was still aching from the 1.5 miles on the running machine on Tuesday! blush

Was very good yesterday, made a lasagne with loads of pepper, onion, spinach in and had a nice salad with it. I have also been avoiding my glass of wine which I REALLY enjoy.

I was so tempeted to have a nice big chinese take away and a glass of wine tonight...but have resisted...well so far anyway. Got really peckish around 4pm and snacked on a few brazil nuts and dried apricots. I MUST eat more fruit and veg!

Treated myself to a fake tan today and I am going to have a pamper session tonight. I have also ordered an epilator from Boots- hardly a relaxing pampering experience but still.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sat 08-Aug-09 00:05:13

Hello ladies smile

I was still posting when you had your baby chutney but I'm a very rare visitor to these parts now. Though curiously, I was wondering how you & love&squalor were getting along just the other day. My baby boy is now a big lump of a 14 month old.

I looked pretty good, all things considered, just after I'd had him but was bloody vast fat again by the winter. I've just knocked off a stone through running, swimming and rowing, and have just started a pilates class. V. impressed with pilates and thoroughly recommend it, but only alongside some cardio work.

winnie, cerys & cm/sf - I'll let www know you're asking for her.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sat 08-Aug-09 00:08:36

Yesterday I was very good, walked the dog, swam and did pilates class in the evening. Today, not so good. <moves swiftly on>

Food OK, water good, too much coffee, sunscreen n/a, moisturiser & hand cream yes.

Early night? Er, fail.

Happy? Yes, lovely day spent catching up with friends.

winnie09 Sat 08-Aug-09 07:50:45

Duchess! how lovely to see you grin
You sound like life is good, which is fab

II am off swimming in a minute shock It is now what I do on Saturday morning when ds is at his Dad's. I love it. I have had compliments from very unexpected sources this week and I have to say I am glowing in it Ithink it has been about exuding confidence more than anything else.

I will check in again later. Have a good day.

WideWebWitch Sat 08-Aug-09 07:58:40

Hello all! How nice to be missed, thank you.

I don't really post here much any more, mainly because I had a huge fight with my bitch sisters and I don't want them to know about anything going on in my life and tihs is public. But since you've asked...

It's lovely to see you all, how are you all? Has anyone heard how Loveandsqualor is?

sybilfaulty Sat 08-Aug-09 13:01:40

WWW, I do miss your wise and witty posts. I am so sorry about things with your sister. I remember you mentioning them and then you decided not to post here (completely understandably of course) and the thread sort of limped on for a bit then died off. I am trying to get my post partum body into some sort of nick before I am 40 and need some inspiration! How is the job? Last time we spoke, you had just finished horrible long commute job and were looking forward to being a lady of leisure for a bit, then something else came up! What are you up to now? And how is the diet? I always envied you your wonderful meat and cheese feasts, but know that I cannot lose weight unless I am on a fairly low fat regime. Is I and N bootcamp still working for you? And how are the kids? Your DD must be at school now. Hope it's all going well.

Ureb, I remember you being diagnosed with the diabetes so a huge well done for losing the weight and keeping it off. How are you finding the day to day now? Hope it is not too restrictive for you. dog sounds fab and a great way to get your steps in.

Duch, I thought of you in your size 12s a few weeks after A was born and felt very envious! I am afraid I larded for Britain after my son (Matthew) was born and had to go to Weight Watchers to get it off! Have lost nearly 2 st but am struggling with the booze. You know, kids in bed so I'll treat myself to just a glass and half a bottle later.... That's why this thread was so good for me.

WInnie, am very impressed with the swimming. How many lengths are you doing?

Dingle, sounds like you've had a tough few months but glad things are being resolved for your DD. It's very easy to focus on others isn't it and not really have any time for yourself. WHat are your weekend plans?

I have not seen L and S around for some months, but hope she is lurking or posting under another name. She had just had that awful time with her partner and had moved in with her sister as I recall, just before starting work after ML. I hope that she is well and happy.

Have jsut painted a mirror frame and had a quick shower while M is asleep but now he's gurgling away and looking for food so I'd better go and see to him. So lovely to see the old faces. I hope you will feel able to post again from time to time as it's great to hear from you all. All the best.

WideWebWitch Sat 08-Aug-09 14:13:32

Ah Sybil thank you, that's so nice to hear. blush

I do have another job, nearer home and I'm very happy. Recently I've been pretty much sticking to not drinking in the week so that's good, it's my downfall too so sympathy there.

Dd started school last Sept, ds starts secondary this Sept so that's all been a big change too but we're all well and happy.

Winnie, how are things with your dd?

winnie09 Sat 08-Aug-09 18:11:27

WWW, I am so glad to 'see' you. Thank you for putting your head around the door. I changed my email address and lost loads of email addresses including yours and Batters and I was sorry for that especially when you were no longer here. I do especially miss you, Batters and Marina. If you are in contact please say 'hi'.

Thank you for asking about Dd. She has been diagnosed with bipolar which oddly is a relief. She is getting treatment and it is helping so things are improving with her. She has managed (just) a year at college and is returning in Septemeber BUT she has cr*p choice in men, just like her mother, so we have major boyfriend issues hmm

I have had a very good day today bootcamp wise. I will be drinking alcohol tonight but it is Saturday and that is allowed. Have walked, eaten very healthily, done lots of cleaning (which def counts as exercise) and I have drunk 2 ltres of water. Not so good is getting up at the crack of dawn to go swimming and discover I went swimming recently enough that my costume wasn't dry! Yuk. So, I am going tomorrow instead. I am also really bad at the sun protection and that it BAD, BAD, BAD.

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