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MNHQ! We need a Dress the MN Dolly app

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VulpusinaWilfsuit Sat 01-Aug-09 21:27:57

Like those ones we all had to cut out of Bunty and Jackie.

You could have a Thin One, Chunky One and a Really Really Gone to Fat Seed One.

And then you get to change its hairstyle and colour.

And then you get to choose the latest range from your best clothing advertising partners to dress her with.

And then you get to click through to buy.

And you could have featured 'Now' collections from all the MN fashionistas. You know. The Fish could dress the schoolrun. MrsBadger could do wonderful wedding wear. Moondog could do International Travel outfits. Someone very very young and hip could do Yoof Mummy.

Look. We need it, and you could make money as could your sponsors. And I am sure it cannot too hard for BigTech and YetMoreTech? grin

StinkyFart Sun 02-Aug-09 17:49:51


janeite Sun 02-Aug-09 18:05:35

Love it - yes please! Don't forget we'll need a 'work-wear' collection and an 'evening in the pub with people younger and thinner than me' one.

Hassled Sun 02-Aug-09 18:14:49

There would have to be some "best way to groom the lady garden" feature somewhere. The mullet MN Haircut would have to be a hair option.

It could be fantastic - you could do top half Boden, bottom half Primark - and then a Can You Guess Which Shop Did Which? competition.

VulpusinaWilfsuit Sun 02-Aug-09 21:15:39

Heh heh heh. Excellent comedy value too, see?
<though was being utterly serious: stern look grin>

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