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When is the best time to get a boden discount?

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tinseltot Sat 01-Aug-09 11:46:51

Am planning on buying a present for my mum. I think there is a 15% discount on at the mo. Is there likely to be a 20% one soon? Not bought from Boden before so not sure how things work!


joliejolie Sat 01-Aug-09 12:45:55

Where is the 15%?
They had it the other night for a few hours, but I missed it!

tinseltot Sat 01-Aug-09 14:30:37

I saw it on the thread you started re the cash cardigan. It was rindercella's post. Am not sure if it is still valid though, may not be.

mrsmerryweather Sat 01-Aug-09 14:37:02

the only one valid at the mo is the usual 10%- I tried for 15% but it ended 30 July. sad will wait- there is usually an offer in the Times at some point.

tinseltot Sat 01-Aug-09 14:58:49

OK, thanks for that. If you do happen to come across a better one then please start a thread to share! Thanks!

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