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I wish to make a milk bath concoction. I don't, as a rule, do this kind of thing how do you?

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hobbgoblin Fri 31-Jul-09 12:10:43

Baby is going to have first bath today so I hit upon the idea of making her a bath mixture instead of using just water or a bubble bath which would have been my usual course of action.

So, I'm thinking Goat's Milk and honey - have those. But then I'm thinking, will I make her sticky, and if I don't rinse her off after (which I doubt she'd appreciate) will she smell of milk turning to yogurt by tonight?

CybilLiberty Fri 31-Jul-09 12:12:18

Her first bath...and you want a recipe for it? grin

PortAndLemon Fri 31-Jul-09 12:15:09

Yes, you probably would. And yes, she probably will. And (in true MN judgeypants fashion grin) why on earth do you want to bath her in anything other than plain water?

SausageRocket Fri 31-Jul-09 12:16:44

to be honest if you want to do a mily bath that's good for skin then the best thing to do is put some porridge oats into the foot bit of fine denier tights and squeeze it under the running tap into the bath water. It will turn the water milky coloured.

SausageRocket Fri 31-Jul-09 12:17:22

milky bath, I meant

CybilLiberty Fri 31-Jul-09 12:19:04

Are you bathing her in your yurt?

hobbgoblin Fri 31-Jul-09 12:25:59


I just want her to smell nice. If I have to give up her new smell now (it is 8 days) then I'd rather she smelt of milk and honey than anything else really.

CybilLiberty Fri 31-Jul-09 12:28:28

Just use water.

hobbgoblin Fri 31-Jul-09 12:29:59

i'd feel minging if i just used water, are you sure?

CybilLiberty Fri 31-Jul-09 12:33:05

Of course! A new born baby, a bit of water, soft towel, Bobs your uncle. She will smell good enough to eat. If you were to squirt in a bit of baby bath stuff, it wouldn't be the end of the world

<gets broody>

SausageRocket Fri 31-Jul-09 12:36:10

newborn babies don't need soapy stuff. Water alone is the best thing for their skin.

hobbgoblin Fri 31-Jul-09 12:37:56

i don't ewant to use soap but thought my idea might be nice and good for her slightly dry skin hmm

SausageRocket Fri 31-Jul-09 12:39:39

the oats bath thing is good for sensitive, dry skin smile

LilRedWG Fri 31-Jul-09 12:42:01

Just use water, she will still smell beautiful, I promise.

PortAndLemon Fri 31-Jul-09 12:50:44

Plain water is good for dry skin, honestly. DH's family all have terribly dry skin, and the DCs have inherited that but do fine on just water (as they get older and roll in the mud more you do need to use something else occasionally, but not for a baby). And then they smell of themselves and not of anything else.

hobbgoblin Fri 31-Jul-09 14:16:12

Good point about water meaning she will smell of 'her'.


LilRedWG Fri 31-Jul-09 14:46:24

Givei t a go - just bath her in water and you will see what we mean. She will smell goreous.

LilRedWG Fri 31-Jul-09 14:46:48

Try that again:

Give it a go - just bath her in water and you will see what we mean. She will smell gorgeous.

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 31-Jul-09 14:50:14

Message withdrawn

MamaGoblin Fri 31-Jul-09 19:44:44

I didn't use anything apart from water until DS was a good 3 months, and then we used Infacare. He had very dry skin for the first few weeks and I was worried about drying it out too, but the few baths in just water he had didn't dry him out more. I think we did baste him in olive oil <pfb icon> a lot, though! grin

Enjoy the bath - god, I love bathing newborns. smile

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