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Oooh I want a Boden cashmere cardi so much, but.....

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joliejolie Fri 31-Jul-09 11:07:04

Are they too expensive for what they are?
How well do they wash and wear? I am a SAHM and never have any real functions to attend, would it be wasyed on the school run?

I wear lots of Boden, but I get most in the sales. There have been a few pieces I could not live without from the new season, but the cashmere is £79!!!

Convince me I need one and that it is the best buy ever!

joliejolie Fri 31-Jul-09 11:07:33

Sorry for my horrible spelling grin

Rindercella Fri 31-Jul-09 11:09:05

Boden cashmere is vile, imo. I bought a couple of Boden cashmere jumpers in their sale last year and they are rubbish - bobble like mad, terrible to wash and lose their shape very quickly. Hth grin

fishie Fri 31-Jul-09 11:09:52

you can get one 10% off free delivery.

do you have moths? i do and so go fairly cheap on knitwear. remember also you have three months to send it back for full refund, i did with a tunic that went bobbly and no problems at all.

Rindercella Fri 31-Jul-09 11:11:36

Oh, if you do go the Boden cashmere route, there was a code on here that DH used the other day, which was 15% off + free delivery. Try A983.

steamedtreaclesponge Fri 31-Jul-09 11:20:50

I have a Boden sloppy cashmere jumper that I love, but it does bobble like mad. Have you tried Uniqlo? They do some good cheap cashmere in lovely colours.

muffle Fri 31-Jul-09 11:29:49

I think Boden cashmere is reasonably good value for cashmere, but cheap cashmere/cheaper knitwear generally does bobble - I think that's true wherever you get it from. I have one boden cashmere slouchy jumper which I like and wear a lot, it has washed and lasted well - but I do have to de-bobble it. A normal comb works best, job takes about 20 minutes every few months so I don't mind.

BodenGroupie Fri 31-Jul-09 11:37:15

I've not been impressed. Had a slouchy V the first year and it bobbled really badly. Bought one last year but only cos it was £35 and I could cope with a bit of bobbling at that price - but it hasn't!

M & S cashmere is supposed to be good but they don't have the range of shapes.

mrsmerryweather Fri 31-Jul-09 11:47:13

I like it- yesterday I was in Brora and there's very little difference in quality. I have a slouchy cash jumper from last year and it has washed brilliantly. I have also just bought the cropped cash cardi and it's lovely quality.
I have looked at loads of cash- M&S, John Lewis Brora ( very expensive), Pure Collection, and think Boden is as good or better than some of those.

noddyholder Fri 31-Jul-09 11:57:59

brora doesn't bobble much

TheBolter Fri 31-Jul-09 12:02:44

I swear by Boden's cropped cashmere cardis - they're so dainty, comfortable and easy to pop on if it gets chilly. I've had no probs with them. If you're after a cropped one there are still some left in he sale, depends on your size though.

BlueKangerooWonders Fri 31-Jul-09 12:25:49

Get to a big Sainsburys! My Tu cashmere cropped cardi is fab, and has lasted really well. Washes well (Ecover delicates). And it was only £12 in sale. Full price is only about £20 or so and there's always lots of colours and styles. Can't recommend highly enough!

squeaver Fri 31-Jul-09 12:26:45

Go to Uniqlo instead

Or even M&S

karala Fri 31-Jul-09 12:32:44

I would second M&S for good value cashmere - have a sweater that I bought several years ago and is washed regularly and it's as good as new - no bobbles.

mrsmerryweather Fri 31-Jul-09 14:54:10

A lot depends on the style and cut- I find M&S too roomy and very "traditional"- and Uniqlo all looked very loose- I like a cropped or fitted cardi.

joliejolie Fri 31-Jul-09 16:56:16

I have the new season Boden rosette cardigan which is a cashmere blend and I love it. Wore it today and got loads of compliments.
It was quite pricey though, but I think I might need to stretch to that extra £20 and buy the grape cashmere as well.

mrsmerryweather Fri 31-Jul-09 17:58:17

The Rosebud cardi looks lovely- I like the grey- but is it WARM? it's mainly cotton. I am wondering about the Cheeky Cable Knit- though I hate the name! Looking for a really snug cardi for winter days.

anyone got it?

joliejolie Fri 31-Jul-09 19:00:18

It's cute mrs! 3/4 sleeves again though. I have snapped up 3 of the sassy fitted cardigans from the sale. They are really warm and in winter I will just wear a long sleeve top underneath.

Petsville Fri 31-Jul-09 21:47:17

Brora is gorgeous, and their sale is just about still on - in the sale their stuff is no more expensive than Boden, and it's so much better it's in a different league.

BikeRunSki Fri 31-Jul-09 22:12:22

Have a look at Woolovers Cashmere/Merino mix cadies. Have just ordered 2. cardies

Similar, but considerably cheaper, and my past experience of Woolovers stuff is good.

10% off code until Sunday is "Aug1".

mrsmerryweather Sat 01-Aug-09 10:38:49

petsville- beg to differ- went into Brora in London a couple of day ago- their cardis etc are still around £100 mark even in the sale. They have very little stock/colours left both in the shop and online.

I don't think the quality is any better- I have 3 Boden cash tops and they are all lovely and thick and better imo than M&S.

joliejolie Sat 01-Aug-09 10:43:47

I wasn't crazy about any of the Brora styles, though the cashmere looks beautiful.
I can get the Boden one for just over £70 delivered and in a fabulous grape colour!
I think I have just about talked myself into it.

I don't know why I can so easily buy my dd a new pair of Ugg boots for £75, but find it so hard to buy nice things for myself. Something is wrong with me! I know it's because I think she looks better than me in everything! I just need to glam up a bit!

mrsmerryweather Sat 01-Aug-09 11:40:50

jolie- we must be clones- I have the cropped cash in grape and it's lovely. I got 20% off- you might want to hang on for a better discount- I am just about to read today's Times- they often have discounts on a weekend- if there is anything I will let you know!

nicolamumof3 Sat 01-Aug-09 22:02:07

i once had a lovely cashmere sweater from brora, til my mil put it in the tumble dryer!!! it ended up with my 7yr old niece! shock

joliejolie Mon 03-Aug-09 20:11:15

Well, I just bought the Boden cashmere cardigan in grape. I was eyeing up the boyfriend cardigan and the spotty scarf as well and they are now out of stock! Cannot risk this going out of stock too!
If anyone sees an offere better than 10%, please don't tell me! grin

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