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Wedding dresses. Just messing about ; )

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Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 09:49:18

Ok in the light of no-show boy from last weekend, my brain can't cope with the dichotomy (he isn't interested vs he is just terrified) so I'm in the middle of planning our wedding - as a displacement activity you understand. grin

So I just wondered whether it is acceptable at all, EVER, to wear a non white wedding dress, with long sleeves...

I don't want to look faux goth or medieval or any sort of dressing-up style character, iyswim. Just something beautiful and nice and fairly simple, really.

It's going to happen one day so I may as well be prepared. And I need help with the veil problem as well smile

<gets out notebook>

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 09:50:35

It is a first marriage for us both, btw...if that makes any difference...protocol and all that. Registry office too. And we'll be arriving in a citroen AX.

cyteen Fri 31-Jul-09 09:51:37

It's your hypothetical wedding, wear whatever you like.

If I ever get married I'll likely be in a non-white dress, a non-weddingy dress in fact.

Might be harder to find something with a train, if you like that sort of thing.

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 09:52:50

I don't really like this for example.

No, no train needed! No bridesmaids! smile

where can one get non standard wedding frocks though? Something from Monsoon possibly...

belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 09:55:15

I also do this, I got married in red and sometimes imagine myself getting married in the full meringue. I wore a dark red outfit, halter neck, very long with a black chiffon shawl. It wasn't at all goth.

PortBlacksandResident Fri 31-Jul-09 09:55:31

Me on my wedding day

belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 09:56:08

Yes my dress was from Monsoon.

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 09:57:06

Ooh Belgo, sounds rather luscious smile

Portblack I just spat out my tea!

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 09:58:31

this is particularly unattractive though.

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 10:00:22

What else will we need? I can't find the weddings topic. I'm thinking two witnesses, cake, rings, erm is that it?

My family have pretty much disowned me anyway so we can leave them out, though I suppose his might want to come...I'll make some sandwiches.

belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 10:00:23

Gwen Stafani looks like she's fallen in a puddle of dye.

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 10:01:34

Yes revolting isn't it. I thought it looked like her!

belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 10:02:47

I didn't have a wedding cake. And only one ring because dh couldn't be bothered with one.

He did disappear though on the morning of our wedding...I was a bit worried until he came back with a small bunch of dark red roses. That's important - a bouquet.

geordieminx Fri 31-Jul-09 10:05:34

We booked our wedding in Feb for Ocotber - first time for me, 2nd for dp. Small wedding at trendy hotel, meal afterwards at hotel (40 people), then evening do at casino.

I was determined that I was going to wear " an evening type coloured dress nothing fancy"

I made the mistake of going to 1 bridal shop.... I now have a fab huge white dress, tiara and veil blush.
So far away from my orginal idea its laughable... but I love it, and cant imagine nanything else.

There are some gorgeous dresses here but very traditional.

You can get more medival dresses with long sleeves on ebay.

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 10:05:58

Oh how lovely smile

Yes, flowers v important. I shall have flowers even if nothing else.

thankyou for your thoughts. <scribbles some more>

I will be back when I have found the frock. smile or the husband...

cyteen Fri 31-Jul-09 10:06:42

mostly tartan but the one at the end is nice

geordieminx Fri 31-Jul-09 10:08:08

pics are important even if its only snaps from a friend

belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 10:11:07

My BIL took and developed the photos, as a wedding present. We all went to a restaurant afterwards, just 12 of us, with a champagne reception.

belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 10:12:44

cyteen - that dress at the end is lovely. I've just bought a skirt from here photo number 24 it may be a bit too faux goth though!

Smurfgirl Fri 31-Jul-09 10:13:48

Loads of people don't wear white anymore, red is very common now actually.

Alfred Angelo do dresses with colours on and ost ranges do a few dresses in different colours.

I wore ivory though wink

geordieminx Fri 31-Jul-09 10:14:57

If you dont want white then sometimes looking at bridesmaid dresses can help. People like Dessy.

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 10:19:33

Quite like this but a wee bit short

Photos a very good point. Thankyou.

I really need longish sleeves, maybe a winter wedding and also have old tattoo I wish to conceal smile

belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 10:28:09

You can wear a fake fur shoulder cape for a winter wedding, I know someone who got married in Prague and wore one in black.

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 10:29:31

Oh that sounds amazing. I think I will tell him we're going to Europe for this.

It's so much more romantic smile

Now I just have to convince him to ask me.

cyteen Fri 31-Jul-09 10:30:59

belgo you temptress, that site is tasty! must resist. I like the skirt

Bridesmaid dresses definitely a good area to explore - good value too. You could always use Dermablend for tattoo concealment.

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