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Anyone think they could pull off this dress?

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Ewe Thu 30-Jul-09 20:57:23

A topshop special, was looking for holiday frocks and stumbled upon it.

So, could you?

(Five year old's need not answer)

SixtyFootDoll Thu 30-Jul-09 20:58:40

aawww its lovley
if only i was 20 yrs younger!!

nobodysfool Thu 30-Jul-09 21:00:22

Just stick a wand in their hand, christmas tree up their arse then it's perfect!

Ewe Thu 30-Jul-09 21:03:02

For those not stupid confident enough to go for the tutu they have a gorgeous fringed tie dye dress.


DjangoTheDjinn Thu 30-Jul-09 21:03:33

That one with the nose and the gnarled hands out of that show in Manhattan where they drink out of strange glasses and she ponces about in her pants smoking and typing dull columns. Her. She'd wear it.

wilkos Thu 30-Jul-09 21:05:02

my 17 year old niece would look fab in it!

i on the other hand would be laughed out of town

Chevre Thu 30-Jul-09 21:05:23

yes i think it is a cheapo version of the sjp type dress. v. nasty.

KingRolo Thu 30-Jul-09 21:06:33

It's out of stock in sizes 6, 8 and 10 but lots of 12, 14 and 16 still available for us 'larger' ladies grin.

KingRolo Thu 30-Jul-09 21:07:42

shock at the tie-dye dress!

There really are no words...

Undine Thu 30-Jul-09 21:09:32

Very vivid description django! am roffling here...
"gnarled hands" <<shakes head>>

ewe- I think only people who wear their hair in bunches would wear it.

daisyj Thu 30-Jul-09 21:12:32

Well, I could imagine pulling it off in horror, tearing at the zip and yelling 'get it off me'. Is that what you meant...?

Ewe Thu 30-Jul-09 21:14:04

Oh yes, I can see it now, hair in bunches, tutu dress, kooky tights and an elmo backpack.


I might try it on tomorrow for fun though, think they'll have tonnes a few size 14s left grin

mrsmerryweather Thu 30-Jul-09 21:15:12

not for anyone older than 7.

wrinklytum Thu 30-Jul-09 21:16:13

Not in a million years as a rapidly expanding 37 yr old woman.

CyradisTheSeer Thu 30-Jul-09 21:16:51

Message withdrawn

Ewe Fri 31-Jul-09 12:20:14

Saw two girls carrying it around in topshop earlier, very brave.

jemart Fri 31-Jul-09 16:06:32

For a party, a hen night maybe, teamed with very high sparkly shoes.
I'd need a darker colour though as pale pink does not suit me.

MamaLazarou Fri 31-Jul-09 16:35:53

Yes, punked up a bit with some boots and eyeliner - why not? Am I too old at 33?

southeastastra Fri 31-Jul-09 16:37:04

no it's hideous

Overmydeadbody Fri 31-Jul-09 16:40:29

Yes I could pull it off but I don't like it and would not choose to wear it. And they're out of my size anyway.

Tidey Fri 31-Jul-09 16:42:36

Courtney Love circa 1993 probably could.

Ewe Fri 31-Jul-09 21:49:24

So I went back to topshop this afternoon (it IS payday after all) and found it in black and it is lovely blush I tried it on and everything.

Didn't buy it but was sorely tempted.

<eats words>

JodieO Fri 31-Jul-09 21:52:07

I don't think any adult would look good in that lol

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