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New Mum - need ideas for a new look (face and clothes)

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Suzanne219 Thu 30-Jul-09 14:38:44

OK, so I feel like a frump.

I'm 40, 5' 8" size 10 but very pear-shaped. Had my DS 8 months ago and I just hate all my clothes and make-up now. I really need to refresh my look.

At the moment, for work I wear a lot of Next-style suits (brown, beige, grey, so far so boring.) I also need to get the casual stuff right. I either dress too young (tight jeans and flouncy tops) or too old (think Katie Holmes.) Frumpy flowery dresses, wrap dresses, linen trousers. All brown, green, beige...same old same old.

Really boring. I need new colours (I have brown hair and eyes) and new styles/ shops.

Just don't know where to look or where to start. (Don't really like Boden, sorry.)grin

I guess I like classic looks without the frump. Maybe Hobbs, Jigsaw, that kind of thing (but can't go mad on the spends.)

Make-up- Bobbi Brown natural look. Ugh, I am so boring. (I do wear too much foundation, though, it's starting to look ageing.)

Any ideas welcome! Sorry for rambling. I just need a change. One place to go to get everything would help my fried brain.


tinseltot Thu 30-Jul-09 14:44:28


I would suggest that you get a new wardrobe from warehouse, oasis and a few nice pieces from french connection. All are highstreet so not mega expensive and all pretty on trend without being ott in the topshop/teenager way.

As for make up, get thee to house of fraser or similar and look at the counters. Then ask for a make over from the one you like the best. You don't have to buy much, just get some ideas for a new look. why not go to Toni and Guy for a new hair do too?

notyummy Thu 30-Jul-09 14:50:46

What sort of prices? (I know you said not loads - so prob not designer, but do you have an overall budget?)

Were would you be wearing the clothes? To work? If so, what type of environment - conservative or not?

You say pear shape - what are the good things? How are your stomach/arms?

First thoughts - I like Jigsaw for suits. Well cut and flattering - but not cheap. Not so keen on Hobbs, but I am sure others will disagree.

Tops - why not try completely different shops and a range of styles. I am 37 and a similar size (although a 12 on the bottom) and I buy tops from top shop/Dotty Ps/new look/Zara/ - basically anywhere I like.

My other recent discovery is Littlewoods Direct. Its got a huge range of styles and prices with some very effective search engines. You can order as many items as you want for one delivery free, and then returns are free, so can send most of them back - plus you don't have to be in as they will pick up returnd from a shed etc. 3 months interest free credit as well.

Suzanne219 Thu 30-Jul-09 14:58:47

Tinseltot- thanks, they are v. good ideas. Linking it with notyummy's post-I think Littlewoods catalogue does some of those brands so I'll have a look (I always thought they were a bit young for me but maybe not!)

I am a bit scared of T & G for hair although they do a good job of my choppy mop.

I had a makeover at Prescriptives 3 years ago and had a custom blend foundation but it wasn't quite right which put me off- maybe I'll try another brand.

notyummy- I need work and casual. Work does not have a dress code but my personal preference is to look smart (suits.) I do love Jigsaw but not sure my bank balance does.

Budget...hmmm...I'm treating myself (last full-time wage before going PT) so maybe £500 to include a haircut and make-up.

My stomach is pretty OK now and arms/shoulders are nice but I have proportionately very short legs. Bum not too bad.

I do love Littlewoods Direct but I get a bit too drawn to some of the designer stuff which is really too young (Miss Sixty, lol!! blush)

Thanks for the ideas- I need to draw up a list and a plan!

Off now to get DS but I'll check back later, thanks.

tinseltot Thu 30-Jul-09 15:13:36

Have to say that although they don't do a large range, Zara can be fantastic for suits. Very reasonably priced too. Only thing is that trousers are cut very long. Perfect for me but think you would have to take them up.

notyummy Thu 30-Jul-09 15:13:38

Steer clear of Miss Sixty on the whole I would say! smile May be worth seeing if Jigsaw have a sale - their stuff does wear well so it may be worth trying to stretch for suit and then stick to more cheaper stuff from elsewhere.

I would link to their website (as they now do mail order - but I daren't look in case I get sucked in and buy something I don't need! (Spent too much on clothes this month already!) Jigsaw clothes aren't exciting on the whole, but they are grown up and flattering without being too dull/aging.

The other one I have heard good things about is Banana Republic. Never been myself, but the stuff I have seen in magazines looks good.

Suzanne219 Thu 30-Jul-09 17:36:36

Zara- really don't know much about them so will investigate, thanks.

Jigsaw- oh no, I just went to their website and did a fantasy shop of about £700! I blame you, notyummy. wink

Thanks again- of to make a sensible list and do some research.

Suzanne219 Fri 31-Jul-09 10:19:23

Just to let you know that I did some investigation and ended up with two Hobbs suits for work (one in the sale); two nice linen shirts (both sale) and a new cardi (Hobbs as well, reduced.) I also bought the ubiquitous and inevitable linen trousers but at least they are green instead of beige!!

Thanks for your help. One shirt is polka dotted and so I'm branching out a little! I think they are all smart but not too conservative. I spent too much money so I didn't look at Zara but maybe next time!

Thanks again. Much appreciated.

tinseltot Fri 31-Jul-09 10:25:58

Glad to hear you got some lovely things. Now you have the excitment of waiting for them to arrive!

fairybubbles Fri 31-Jul-09 11:06:22

What about Monsoon, they sell some lovely clothes, pretty colours too. I just got some lovely things there yesterday. They have a sale on at the moment too.

I think no matter what you wear, you must be comfortable in it. Shop around, try on as much stuff as you can. Debenams is good as there as so many "shops" under the one roof. Great for experimenting. I love shopping though so I love that sort of thing.

KristinaM Fri 31-Jul-09 13:45:09

glad you had success on your shopping trip

i am 47 and buy lots of tops, jackets and knitwear in zara and some work suits

i am only 5'5'' so find most of their trousers too long and their shoes are SCARY

i think at 40 you are the wrong age for flowery dresses. they are great on 20 soemthings with a long cardi/denim jacket/leggings.

or on your granny.

not on lady of a certain age teamed with a smart jacket and court shoes

walk away from Next. Its too [whispers] middle aged

StinkyFart Fri 31-Jul-09 13:49:20

Don't dismiss the lower end of the high street - a MNer recommended M and Co which has some fantastic stuff

this dress for example has been bought by more than person on here

Suzanne219 Fri 31-Jul-09 14:29:08

Thanks tinseltot! They're coming tonmorrow.

Yeah, Kristina, the flowery dresses are just wrong, apart from the one from StinkyFart below. I wera flat shoes because of a bad back and that really doesn't help. I have to say though that I had to step away from the computer last night before I bought another flower explosion. blush

StinkyFart, I have never heard of that shop, so thanks. That dress is an amazing price and very nice. Thanks.

Fairybubbles, I love, love love Monsoon- I used to have a store card there, thank God I got rid of it!! I find they are a bit tight around the ribcage for me, for some reason. (Biscuits might be the reason, though. ) blush

notyummy Fri 31-Jul-09 14:32:11

Glad you were successful >let us know what they are like when they arrive!

pasturesnew Fri 31-Jul-09 14:35:31

I would look at accessories too, I always think the editor of Grazia looks nice and age-appropriate (she's on Project Runway and some other TV shows) and she always seems to wear very nice noticeable necklaces.

pasturesnew Fri 31-Jul-09 14:36:19

but can I just add that 40 is not v old at all so not sure how "age-appropriate" you need to worry about being so long as things suit you!

Suzanne219 Fri 31-Jul-09 16:47:19

Thanks, notyummy. I hope they are all OK!

pasturesnew- I am sooooo bad at accessories (mainly because my DH tugs on everything.) I'll Google the Grazia person, thanks.

I know what you mean- 40 isn't old but I think it's a bit too old for my distressed skinny jeans blush and a bit too young for flowers & flats. I'm a bit caught in the middle.hmm

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