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Help - wedding in 2 days - can I wear cream & black dress?

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mistressmiggins Thu 30-Jul-09 08:08:33

I have bought a dress which is patterned and not cream & black.
However my friend has lent me a gorgeous dress which she wore to Ascot - it is cream & black.
It is a much nicer dress than mine - strapless A-line just over the knee.

Can I wear this ?

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Thu 30-Jul-09 08:54:50

How much of it is cream?

mistressmiggins Thu 30-Jul-09 09:07:45

More cream than black but the black is in the form of stripes

CherryandWhite Thu 30-Jul-09 09:11:45

Sorry, am i being daft here? Why couldn't you wear it?

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Thu 30-Jul-09 09:12:13

I don't think that you will look bridal in that case. I would avoid any cream/pale accessories just to be certain.

If you are still unsure, dress up in your final wedding outfit and post a photo in your profile and ask the MN jury to decide.

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Thu 30-Jul-09 09:12:56

C&W, some people think that it is bad manners to wear white/cream at a wedding as it distracts from the bride.

foofi Thu 30-Jul-09 09:15:49

It can also be seen as bad luck to wear black at weddings.

However, it sounds like this is neither too weddingy nor too sombre in this case mistressmiggins. Is there a link so you could show us the dress?

mistressmiggins Thu 30-Jul-09 09:41:54

no I dont have a link for the dress. I will take photo with my phone & post it for you to decide.

CherryandWhite Thu 30-Jul-09 09:54:46

blush <<<feels very stupid>>>> blush of course, cant believe i didnt think of that. I have worn a cream dress to my best friends wedding, it also had black on and wasnt in any way bridal... infact said best friend was with me and helped me chose the dress.

I didnt know about the black being bad luck.

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Thu 30-Jul-09 10:02:00

Loads of people wear black for weddings these days, but I think that the mother-of-the-groom should avoid it as otherwise it looks as if she is in mourning for the 'loss' of her son!

Will keep an eye out for photo, MrsM.

mistressmiggins Thu 30-Jul-09 10:03:35

dress is on my profile page

MrsFawlty Thu 30-Jul-09 10:05:09

My sister and cousin both wore entirely black dresses to my wedding. I was a bit hmm about it...

CherryandWhite Thu 30-Jul-09 10:14:28

I really like it! Agree with the no cream accessories though because it is very cream! (if that makes sense)

jambutty Thu 30-Jul-09 10:16:20

Love it - red accessories? Wear it the right way up, though.

mistressmiggins Thu 30-Jul-09 10:18:27

thanks - feel better now have asked you lot.
Have black & cream shoes but will look out coloured handbag and cover up - was going to wear black shawl thing

CherryandWhite Thu 30-Jul-09 10:18:50

lol jb smile Red is a good idea!

MadameCastafiore Thu 30-Jul-09 10:22:05

I wouldn't go with red but would just use black accessories.

mumof2222222222222222boys Thu 30-Jul-09 10:24:27

I wore black maternity dress to a wedding once...very slimming it was given I was 8.5 months pregnant. Until I turned sideways and blotted out the sun!

OP - I think the dress looks great.

AuntieMaggie Thu 30-Jul-09 10:33:31

Thats a lovely dress and perfect for a wedding.

I would just wear black accessories too... what did your friend wear with it to ascot... perhaps you can borrow that too wink

mistressmiggins Thu 30-Jul-09 10:34:33

she is lending me her hat
I have bought shoes and was going to wear a black wrap/scarf round my shoulders for modesty in the church grin

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Thu 30-Jul-09 10:37:05

What a lovely dress. It's not at all bridal. grin

Have a lovely day on Saturday!

soooobroody Thu 30-Jul-09 11:05:54

I think it will look lovely

hope you enjoy your wedding

foofi Thu 30-Jul-09 15:57:12

Looks fab to me - would definitely go with black accessories not red.

jemart Mon 03-Aug-09 23:25:58

Lovely dress, will be fine for a wedding.

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