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Home dye blonde highlights - not a complete disaster but not great either - help!

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Bumperslucious Wed 29-Jul-09 23:26:22

So after a thread on here I used this on my hair, well my mum did it, and well, it's a bit patchy and uneven. The over all colour didn't really make much of a difference to my light brown hair, and the blonde highlights are more patches of colour and mainly on one side.

Not sure what to do next. Hairdressers is out of the question really. I wouldn't be adverse to an all over colour blonde but could I do that when I have just dyed it? Should I just get another highlighting kit and touch it up a bit? What would happen if I did blonde over blonde?

cornsillk Wed 29-Jul-09 23:28:15

Give it a few washes and it might even out a bit. When I had a highlights disaster the hairdresser put darker bits in to save it rather than blond.

Bumperslucious Wed 29-Jul-09 23:59:00

I was thinking of using a pre lightener and starting from scratch, what do you think?

HolyGuacamole Thu 30-Jul-09 00:07:06

Can you put some sort of toner over it to even out the colour? Maybe try Salon Services if you have one near you.

I get a toner when I get my highlights because in the past, I've dyed it so much that when I get highlights they go from light blonde to ginger down the length of my hair, but the toner makes it all even and lurvely grin

Bumperslucious Thu 30-Jul-09 08:31:07

Hmm, looking at it in daylight it's going to need more than a toner...

I'm having sun-in flash backs!

fishie Thu 30-Jul-09 08:32:12

morningpaper has been doing blonde experiments. will have a look...

fishie Thu 30-Jul-09 08:35:48

oh you have been ^inspired^ by that slightly frightening tale.

i'd put something over the top - i did that with a permanent when i didn't like it and no ill effects.

PuppyMonkey Thu 30-Jul-09 08:50:02

I'd go to the hairdressers and get it done properly, otherwise you are going to be wasting your money on crap over the counter solutions for weeks. You can always starve for a few weeks if you are that skint... wink

PutDown Thu 30-Jul-09 09:18:57

Try a medium ash blonde all over colour.I use the 10 minute one.It will calm down the ginger.
Then use a purple coloured shampoo,John Frieda do one,tones down the colour nicely.

Bumperslucious Fri 31-Jul-09 15:18:20

Right so I tried a pre lightener (well, actually two) and despite following the instructions to the letter it stayed resolutely orange/yellow, made only slightly better by an ash blonde colour. Still looking distinctly like an easter chick. It wasn't so much that the colour was bad (well it was) but it really didn't suit me.

Cue an early morning trip to superdrug to get a bunch of toners, touch of silver, everything.

So the toners didn't work and I had to take drastic action.

I went to my hairdressers who were lovely and didn't tell me off or even look disapproving and even gave me advice on what semi perm colours to get to cover up the yellow. In addition I have had my chest length hair all cut off into a bob, I just thought if I am going to fanny around with more dye it'd be better if it were shorter, and you know what I actually quite like it. The length is nice, I forgot how nice short hair is on me, and the colour, well, it's close to my normal colour, a bit patchy multi tonal.

So the lesson is for anyone doing any searching of threads wondering if they should dye their hair blonde - my answer is don't do it, after a sleepless night, fortunately not too much money on a cheap hair cut and cheap hair dye it's completely not worth it!

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