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Lush cleansers for acne prone skin

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nappyaddict Wed 29-Jul-09 02:59:50

Anyone that's used Baby Face or Aqua Marina are they any good?

kitkat9 Wed 29-Jul-09 07:45:30

have used both - baby face is quite oily but gentle, aqua marina is more of a scrub iirc

I went to lush a while back when my skin was in a terrible state - all red patches and pimply. On their advice I tried coalface which cleared up the spots - it was great. Quite strong though so you need a decent moisturiser. Also used Angels on Bare Skin which I still love - very gentle and effective. In fact I've tried pretty much everything from them and have liked most of it. Think they have a tea tree spray toner which helped calm the redness down.

I heart Lush.

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