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Nothing complicated - just what colour shoes to go with this dress?

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Scootergrrrl Sun 26-Jul-09 20:10:21

This one

I'd quite like a brightish colour but can't decide. Any links to actual shoes welcome but not compulsory grin

Jewelsandgems Sun 26-Jul-09 20:15:59

Wow that is a really pretty dress

Are you wearing it for an occasion or just everyday/layering?

Fimbo Sun 26-Jul-09 20:16:54

Lovely dress.


Jewelsandgems Sun 26-Jul-09 20:17:18

Shoe-wise I would say a neutral colour like champagne or a natural tan leather colour?

dairymoo Sun 26-Jul-09 20:19:14

I think the yellow ones that Fimbo linked to would look amazing with it.

Hormonesnomore Sun 26-Jul-09 20:20:08

Fimbo's are gorgeous.

These look comfy

Hormonesnomore Sun 26-Jul-09 20:21:12

Sorry, just read it & they're plastic!

Please ignore [wine]

Fimbo Sun 26-Jul-09 20:33:15

Not sure if these would make the whole package too busy.

mrsmerryweather Sun 26-Jul-09 21:05:55

do you want some shoes you can wear with other things as well- if so, go neutral- like a beige or even tan. I'd stick to a plain court/sandal with high heel as the fress is quite busy.

mrsmerryweather Sun 26-Jul-09 21:06:28

or even the dress!

Scootergrrrl Mon 27-Jul-09 09:37:30

I bought it for a wedding - total bargain too! How do you think it would work as an everyday dress? Am rubbish at layering and the like but would very much like to be better blush

Thanks for all the lovely suggestions too. Do you think the first yellow heels would be terribly uncomfortable?

Jewelsandgems Mon 27-Jul-09 16:43:11

For an everyday dress I would layer over a fitted long/shirt sleeved T, over leggings or super-skinny jeans and wear with flats.

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