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Mens clothes.........what are your 40 somethings wearing ???

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nutcracker Sun 22-May-05 21:05:52

I want dp to buy some new clothes, he is alsways in tracksuit bottoms with t'shirts (tucked in too) and I would like him to smarten up a bit.

He reckons that the clothes I like for him are too young (jeans and smartish tops), so what else 40 somethings wearing then ???

He is 47 by the way.

moondog Sun 22-May-05 21:08:31

That sounds like a very bad look nutcracker..
My (just 40!) dh wears nice jeans and shirts from Boden. He's not remotely Hoorayish either

nutcracker Sun 22-May-05 21:10:22

Oh it is moondog believe me.

He also wears old mans style shoes when he does get round to wearing jeans or trousers. Have tried many a time to get him to try other things on but he won't.

Have told him that tucking his t'shirts in, makes him look fatter but he's not bothered.

moondog Sun 22-May-05 21:24:08

lol nutcracker! Is he happy for you to take over on sartorial issues?!

binkie Sun 22-May-05 21:27:12

they are all wearing zip-up ribbed cotton cardigans, all of them, it's quite a joke at birthday parties

I think it's because they've all finally decided to do a bit of exercise and they're really proud of the half-stone they've lost

Goldfish Sun 22-May-05 21:29:50

We have a saying around here - never trust a tucker .
Seriously my dh is 45 and we used to call him Matalan man, but now he usually wears jeans and fleece tops in the winter and t shirts and shirts from anywhere decent really. He always used to wear blue but has got more experimental as he has aged, although he draws the line at pink, which btw I think looks quite good on some men.

moondog Sun 22-May-05 21:37:15

Matalan man-lol!
Yes,you're right about pink. My dh looks lovely in this,and pale purple. (He thinks so too,being a vain sort. in our house,it's me trying to get him to cut short his elaborate skin care routine!)

nutcracker Sun 22-May-05 21:39:39

Lol @ matalan man

He hates me choosing his clothes but I am only 26 and so I can't controll the urge to stop him looking like my dad.

Ulysees Sun 22-May-05 21:41:31

My dh wears his sports shirts a lot and jeans. He's in a suit everyday so likes to be casual when we go anywhere. He wears a smarter top for nights out though.

nutty, please do something about the tucking in

moondog Sun 22-May-05 21:42:12

What 'look' do you want then? Dh is smart but not trendy. He makes me jealous actually,always looks lovely. I feel like a shambolic inky fingered schoolgirl next to him.

Goldfish Sun 22-May-05 21:49:57

My dh always looks good, sickening really. He has a mate though who in the summer honestly wears grey jogging bottoms, drawstring at the waist, tucked in white t shirt, the jogging bottoms have elasticated bottoms and poking out of them is are white towelling socks and brown leather open toed sandals.
The thing is, you couldn't meet a nicer bloke. I suppose he has to have a good sense of humour

moondog Sun 22-May-05 21:52:52


nutcracker Sun 22-May-05 21:55:04

I would judt like him to look smart but casual. He doesn't look 47 so i don't think he should dress like it.

I do make him untuck his t'shirt now.

moondog Sun 22-May-05 21:56:12

Wobbly belly under t shirt..not a good look (although not of course suggesting that your dh fits into this category...)

Frizbe Sun 22-May-05 22:00:28

dh lives in Rohan trousers \link{\link) if not these then shorts or tracky bottms

Frizbe Sun 22-May-05 22:00:50


gingerbear Sun 22-May-05 22:02:23

a beige jacket from Greenwoods, diamond patterned tank top, Farah slacks and a green and beige checked cap with elasticated sides.

Goldfish Sun 22-May-05 22:04:07

Nutcracker, all of dhs mates wear jeans and they are all 40 something, (except for the one I mentioned earlier and he is 50).
Dh normally wears casual shoes, sort of smart trainers. He did have some blue shiny ones but I told him they made him look like a policeman, so he threw them out.
Moondog, the friend is a really nice bloke, honest, but sometimes he even wears baggy shorts with the towelling socks.

moondog Sun 22-May-05 22:05:19

loling at the policeman trainers (why was that?) and your dh's mate. Does he have a woman?

Carla Sun 22-May-05 22:09:25

Ha! nutty. Had a mum at school come up to me the other day and say 'your husband looks like a real gentleman'. (First time she'd seen him.) HA, ha, and ha again.

He was born in 1938, and simply by virtue of him wearing smart clothes and a tie, he looks 'like a gentleman'. What a joke. Call me poisioned, if you like

Goldfish Sun 22-May-05 22:13:33

The thing is moondog, he does have a woman and she always dresses causally, but nicely. And she actually dotes on him, they have a really strong marriage. Well love is blind as they say. I don't mean to be cruel cos he is lovely really.

Blu Mon 23-May-05 18:38:41

this is my 43 year old DP - very sexy look, I think

moondog Mon 23-May-05 18:41:50


Blu Mon 23-May-05 18:43:17

There are problems, though. I tried to shag the bedspread this morning, and I can NEVER find him amongst the cushions.

swiperfox Mon 23-May-05 18:44:50

I always get dp stuff from next - smart casual. Nice combat style trousers, linen shirts, t-shirts ...... definately not tucked in though

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