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Grey bits dilemma

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bebesequin Sun 26-Jul-09 18:24:44

I currently have my hair tinted every six weeks with an all over tint-have tried highlights but the condition was suffering.But it is only three weeks since my most recent £70 trip to the salon and already the sides and partings are very grey.Could I patch these myself? What would I use? How would I match the colour?as the shade I have is a mix of several, and would my very nice hairdresser know I had been DIYing?

woodenchair Sun 26-Jul-09 18:31:00

I was quite prepared to come on here and confess finding my first grey pube (grey bits) lol blush

I can help with roots too! clairol do a roots touch up which is quite good, not sure about getting the right colour though as I use their permanent colours and it tells me which one to use. If you are unsure, I would go one lighter then it won't be as noticeable.

bebesequin Sun 26-Jul-09 20:24:20

LOL at grey pubessmile- I tweezered a lone white one out- will have a look at the Clairol thanks for that

colette Sun 26-Jul-09 20:28:48

coloured mousse may help to some extent- but not too red based iykwim .

Thelongroadhome Sun 26-Jul-09 21:49:04

I do mine inbetween getting it done in the hairdressers but my stylist told me what he uses and so I bought it from a website - it is a mix but he told me what to mix. His view was that if you're going to do it anyway you may as well use the right stuff. Maybe you could ask your hairdresser what you could use inbetween because you cant afford to get it done as often? I think they will always know anyway. I have also used root touch up and just guessed the colour and that worked quite well as well.

brokenspacebar Sun 26-Jul-09 23:13:31

I have tried a few things on my hair, John Frieda do a "glaze", I will look if I can see it online. I also buy shaders sachets, they last 3 washes (longer if your hair isn't in great condition)
this is for red heads, they do it for brunette and blonde hair. It works, but I just couldn't always be bothered doing it/have the time.

Have you tried shampoo for coloured hair?

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