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New trainers for the gym - what do you all wear?

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cornsillk Sun 26-Jul-09 15:57:10

I have oasics at the moment which I like. Need new ones though. Anyone bought any recently? I need them just for the gym - don't run or anything.

moondog Sun 26-Jul-09 18:05:25

I don't fall for any of the blurb.I just buy something not too expensive and fsairly comfy.

Clure Sun 26-Jul-09 18:12:58

agree, if you're not running then go for something inexpensive and fits well. Asics are a good trainer

CybilLiberty Sun 26-Jul-09 18:13:46

I like New Balance trainers. Got a pair for about £35 from one of those awful sports shops staffed by 15 year olds.

Clure Sun 26-Jul-09 18:24:11

I've just replaced my running shoes, I run a lot and had asics which I got off the internet, they were fine until I started getting knee problems. A couple of days ago I went to a shop which has one of computerised running machines which can assess your running style and whether you need a more supportive running shoe. I was amazed by how much the very knowlegable staff were able to advise me. I ended up getting a pair (Brooks) which will give my overpronating feet more support. As soon as they did the assessment the chap knew exactly which make and model would suit me best.

cornsillk Sun 26-Jul-09 18:31:58

Thanks everybody.Might visit my local teenage sports shop then!

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