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How waterproof is the summer Boden rainy day mac

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mysteryfairy Sat 25-Jul-09 17:19:54

That's it really. Sorry I know it gets discussed a lot but I have done a search and can't find anything specific.

I ordered it from the summer sale (at £26) in the latest chapter of my search for a waterproof coat that I can wear in summer without looking ludicrously overdressed but I need it to be really waterproof. It has to last not just out of car to school door and back but potentially for traipsing around parks etc

Really would like feedback on just how waterproof it is please as have to decide by Monday whether to send it back.

BadgersArse Sat 25-Jul-09 17:22:01

I note the urban mac is now called osmething else too

i think its not waterpdoof

you need soupdragon

policywonk Sat 25-Jul-09 17:26:30

I haven't stood for ages in any downpours in it, but have walked to school and back in fairly steady rain and it's been fine.

Can't believe you got it for £26 - I bought it at £50-odd when the sale started angry

mysteryfairy Sat 25-Jul-09 17:33:17

Sorry Policywonk - there might be option to buy again and return against the original order for credit?

It is £26 now for anyone else who is interested. It went out of stock after I bought it but there are a few returns on the site now


I'll def be returning a size 12, still debating whether to keep the 10.

For anyone who does contemplate buying it is definitely generous. I am a 10 but usually buy a 12 in coats as I am 5ft 10 and sizing up tends to give me a bit of extra length on the sleeves etc. The 12 is huge on me and the 10 is v generous even when tested with bulky clothes underneath.

Still would be interested to hear more opinions of the waterproof status - anyone tested it for e.g. a whole wet day at a theme park? - something I tend to endure on an annual basis for the sake of the DC.

BadgersArse Sat 25-Jul-09 17:37:30

i think she sent hers back

cat her

policywonk Sat 25-Jul-09 17:40:04

I might try that, Mystery - thanks!

mysteryfairy Sat 25-Jul-09 17:46:41

Don't think I can cat. Will try and search again to see if I can find a thread where it was discussed

BadgersArse Sat 25-Jul-09 18:33:56

ill try and Mail her

keep forgetting her addy

SoupDragon Sun 26-Jul-09 02:14:39

Not at all. It's utterly cr*p (I have last year's version)

It's "shower proof" which means it keeps you vaguely dry provided that the rain is the consistency of angels' tears on a warm summer's day. Just like the typical British summer then hmm

Seriously, it's not waterproof at all. Not even showerproof IME

mysteryfairy Sun 26-Jul-09 17:43:15

Oh no. Yesterday I ploughed through the 53 pages of reviews on the Boden site. Only a few mentioned waterproofness as most were pre-occupied with buttons, length of sleeves etc, but all these except one said positive things about rain worthiness. I've packed up my order to return without the coat and I really need it to be properly waterproof as I live in Yorkshire and even worse go home to Manchester quite a lot sad

policywonk Sun 26-Jul-09 17:45:18

<snurk> at Manchester

Mine has been fine in pretty steady rain, honest (and I have this year's one).

What claims does Boden make for it? If it says it's waterproof and then it turns out not to be, you'd be entitled to a refund anyway, wouldn't you? <Lynne Faulds-Wood emoticon>

BadgersArse Sun 26-Jul-09 17:46:06

" a small child could swallow it and Diiiiiiiiiiiie"


policywonk Sun 26-Jul-09 17:50:40

I knew you'd like the LFW reference. I put it in just for you. wink

'John Stapleton and his nosy wife' as Vic and Bob used to call them.

tassisssss Sun 26-Jul-09 17:59:04

I love this thread! TWENTY SIX POUNDS!!!! What a bargain. I was gutted that by the time I came home from hols the coat I'd been lusting over, this very one, was all gone. I never thought for a second they'd get returns.

(ok so the pink colourway looks well dodgy and the size 10 will very probably be too small but I'm even pondering selling it on ebay for a profit (or is that immoral?!))

SoupDragon Sun 26-Jul-09 18:35:47

Boden say it is "shower proof". that is the excuse they used when I emailed them to complain that something called a rainy day mac couldn't cope with British weather. Mine leaked on every single seam (they weren't taped seams) which was especially unpleasant where the hood joined on.

Actually, you may have me to thank if it is more rain proof this season because they were going to inform their "garment technologists" of my comments. Which, given that I'd pointed out that the "rainy day" jacket was about as much use in the rain as a paper umbrella with holes in it and was only suitable for the light shower of rain you get from slightly damp angel wings wafting above your head, must have been fairly amusing.

mysteryfairy Tue 28-Jul-09 19:59:51

My sister also bought this mac after a quick text from me on further reductions day. Have had an update from her that she wore it in the rain (only London rain might be less insidious than Northern rain) and she remianed dry so hopefully has improved since last year.

Tassisss - I have the dodgy pink patterned colourway and think it is ok, would have prefered green and blue, but don't like the look of the white buttons on the plain macs. You are so right about ebay, just had a look and they are selling for about £50! Shame I sent my wrong size back! It is in stock this evening in a size 14 if anyone interested.

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