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Where can I get some trainers for an 8yo girl from?

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I've been to Brantano and there was nothing that wasn't covered in Bratz or HSM. There is nothing in the new Next catalogue.

Last time I bought Asda trainers they split within 2 months. I suspect Tesco would be similar quality. I don't want to spend more than £20 really.


Tortington Sat 25-Jul-09 15:28:44

tk maxx

Nothing in TK Maxx in her size last week though will keep looking there. We go on holiday in a week's time though and I need something before then.

Insanity Sat 25-Jul-09 15:35:28

Is there a sports direct near you? They do Umbros for about £8 and loads of others that would be acceptable for an 8yr old

The shop has loads more in than the website though.

Senn some Umbro ones on there that look great. Thanks for that, will go to Sports Direct tomorrow.

Insanity Sat 25-Jul-09 15:45:31

grin glad to help!

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