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Marks & Spencer delivery issues

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monkeysmama Sat 25-Jul-09 09:51:44

Anyone else ordered anything from M&S this week? I ordered 6 underwear sets (3 in sale), a pair of pumps & a linen shirt for dp on Thursday morning. I paid the extra for next day delivery (or nominated day I think they call it) for it to arrive on Friday & got an email confirming it'd all come on Friday. Then yesterday morning I got an email to say it was delayed, they'd refund delivery charge & would email when it was ready to be dispatched.

Anyone else had this? I remember last summer when my holiday order arrived once we'd gone away & having to send it all back for a refund. We are going away next Friday & now have no idea if it'll be here o rnot. Is their delivery service just crap?


saadia Sat 25-Jul-09 09:56:02

I have had a few problems with them - ordering things, arranging delivery, and then being told several days later that they were out of stock.

monkeysmama Sat 25-Jul-09 10:12:29

It is really irritating isn't it!

dexter73 Sat 25-Jul-09 13:07:22

I have ended up cancelling orders with them before as their delivery has been so slow.

lambanana Sat 25-Jul-09 14:04:34

This has happened to me before with sale items. Mind you M&S are fantastic compared to the shite that is Have only ordered from them twice and both times they have cocked up royally.

monkeysmama Sun 26-Jul-09 20:07:36

I emailed them this morning and they got back to me a few hours later to say the order's been delayed because some of the items are unavailable but didn't say which items or why they can't dispatch some of them / when I will get delivery. I am angry with them!

BodenGroupie Sun 26-Jul-09 22:00:39

Only ordered once, when they were doing 20% off before Christmas - I cancelled after ten days.....

aarghhelp Sun 26-Jul-09 22:20:48

I ordered some stuff in the sale Thurs, with free "nominated day delivery" and got it Sat, very promptly. I'll be taking most of it back though!

monkeysmama Sun 26-Jul-09 22:40:58

I called them this afternoon to be told 6 of 11 items are not available & probably will not become available again but the available items will not be dispatched until all the items are available. I thought I was talking to Jeremy Beadle or having my own personal groundhog day. Cancelling the whole lot. Crap service.

Technoprisoners Mon 27-Jul-09 08:30:16

M&S online is always crap. Their site is so big it just doesn't work. They only tell you items are unavailable several days/weeks after you click for the purchase. Never expect anything to arrive when you think/hope it will, and never expect a complete order! I hope someone from M&S reads this thread.

monkeysmama Mon 27-Jul-09 09:22:26

Total crap. Even the kid on the phone couldn't defend it. Won't be using it again.

ChristieF Wed 29-Jul-09 14:13:22

I've found delivery with M&S is always later than they say it will be. When they first started the website it was super fast but not now. Don't know why that is as sometimes mine is courier delivered or sometimes by postman. I do find their customer services emails are fast and accurate.

frimblypoo Wed 29-Jul-09 14:19:34

I recently got a refund on a bra order that they said they had sent out twice.
I didn't get them, so obviously the postman has the same size tits as me and thought he'd have BOTH parcels.

ChristieF Wed 29-Jul-09 14:27:51

My postman (not the chap who does normal post he's great) but the the one in the van is a pain. He always leaves parcels on the doorstep whether you're in or not. Quite often I've been out and there they are in full view of every passing thief. Sometimes expensive stuff. And he never puts a note through!. How am I supposed to know if stuff has been nicked. Can't complain or I'll never get anythi ng delivered.

moonshine Wed 29-Jul-09 16:00:15

I've never had a problem with their delivery tbh. In fact, I ordered 3 items last week with standard delivery and got them 2 days later, which was a nice surprise.

moonshine Wed 29-Jul-09 16:02:32

And I have to report that I sent them an email about availability of a swimming costume about 20 minutes ago and someone has already replied with a (non-standard) reply which was very helpful (and no I don't work for them, honest!).

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