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TheGreatScootini Thu 23-Jul-09 11:32:31

I am in desperate need of a hair cut.I have been growing it as recently attended two festivals and needed to be able to tie it up in the abscence of styling facilities.I am now back and no more festys on the horizon, and am supposed to be going to a party on Saturday (DD1'S 'swine flu' allowing).My regular hairdresser cant fit me in and I cant go anyway as no one to mind the girls (DH away till Friday night).If I get to go to said party I would like to look as nice as I can possibly manager (which isnt very these days) as there will be lots of people from school there that I havent seen in ages.

My hair is in a desperate state.Do I risk it and go to Supercuts on Saturday morning?Or do I attempt to tie it up into something resembling a style for Saturday night.(Though please bear in my mind that my hair is what is known in the profession as 'problem' and it would only be with alot of luck on my side that I would be able to get it looking half way decent without having it cut)
Anyone any experience of Supercuts or similar?

CybilLiberty Thu 23-Jul-09 11:34:51

Ohh they look dodgy to me.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 23-Jul-09 11:38:33

I wouldn't bother tbh. I took DD into one last week - they say in the window cuts 'from' £9.99. After being told that that is dependent on hair length and the amount needed to be trimmed, the price went up to £30.

I couldn't be bothered to hike around anywhere else so agreed. We were then told to sit down and wait, not told how long it would be. We were sat there for 20 minutes. I then watched a hairdresser but some foils on a girl's hair, it looked like she was wrapping up sandwiches! I have never seen anything so inexpertly done. So thought sod it and hightailed out of there.

Managed to get DD into Toni & Guy in the city centre and her hair was cut brilliantly for £35.

Customer service and convenience really bad at Supercuts, that's without thinking about what they would have done to dd's hair!

Blackduck Thu 23-Jul-09 11:40:31

Don't do and nasty cut......I pay less at my local and get a better job done....

FAQtothefuture Thu 23-Jul-09 11:40:48

I always use our local supercuts.

Never had a problem with the cut - although as has already been mentioned it's "from" the prices on the window.

Most I'v ever paid was about £50 - and that's when I had highlights.

Usually pay around £25-30 and they do a good job (IMO).

Woooozle100 Thu 23-Jul-09 11:40:49

its a lottery innit? I have a friend who has fab hair done by same person at supercuts. That's just 1 person in 1 salon though

that could apply to any chain salon tho - alas have a little more faith in chains which attract better calibre of hairdresser and have more training. Have had a few shockers at toni and guy saying that...

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Thu 23-Jul-09 11:44:52

There's loads of tutorials for dressing hair on Youtube - can't do a direct link on my itouch, but I know I've seen them for curling with GHDs and for setting with Velcro rollers.

You could try a dry run this evening maybe?

Or could you get an appointment for a decent blowdry or 'up-do' on Saturday? At least then you're not risking a rubbish cut from someone you don't know.

TheGreatScootini Thu 23-Jul-09 11:51:51

Maybe I will ring around a bit and see if someone could fit me in for a blow dry at least is really large at the moment though.I look like the Kings of Leon (all of them together) before they had their hair cut.

Or you are right I guess I could have a go at the Youtube.Ive got lots of time on my hands at the mo as we are still flu grounded.At least something good might come out of it smile

Every time I have been to Toni and Guy I have ended up with the same hair cut no matter what I have asked for.Plus its quite expensive I think.I dont mind paying if you look fabulous afterwards but not it they are just going to stick a load of layers in it regardless and then drench you in Supershine spray or whatever it is they use.

missmelly Thu 23-Jul-09 11:57:09

why dont you just give yourself the mumsnet haircut?? grin

Woooozle100 Thu 23-Jul-09 12:36:23

what's the mn haircut?

missmelly Thu 23-Jul-09 12:52:16

as per this

disclaimer: I havent done this myself..

PM73 Fri 24-Jul-09 12:22:33

Just cut my hair & it looks fab!!

missmelly Fri 24-Jul-09 18:22:15

haha that's brilliant, well done

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 24-Jul-09 18:24:05

Don't go to Supercuts.

They are crap.

nickschick Fri 24-Jul-09 18:27:54

supercuts are crap a funky sparkly hairclip and some kirby grips and put your hair up in a loose messy clip then spend time making the fringe and any dangling bits looking great- wear a fab lippy and high shoes - you will look lush grin.

NotPlayingAnyMore Fri 24-Jul-09 19:50:26

Please don't chance the Lee Stafford - on my hair it went from "OK" before washing to "crap" afterwards and I ended up having to have the whole lot chopped off!

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