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Dyed hair too red, when can I re-dye brown?

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JJ Wed 22-Jul-09 17:50:24

Argh, that's what I get for using a hair colouring kit I found in my cabinet, vintage and provenance unknown. My hair is a not particularly nice auburn colour, the grey is a weird blond and I need it to be a boring brown by the 1 August.


Jewelsandgems Wed 22-Jul-09 19:36:32

Aparently red has the smallest colour pigment, so it fades pretty easily. I have heard on here that head and shoulders shampoo used lots should have a colour-dampening effect. Maybe try that and see what happens, hopefully it will get you to a state where you can use another colour (even it is a gloss one, it should help)

macherie Wed 22-Jul-09 19:46:25

I have dyed my hair, not liked the colour and re-dyed it straight away.

Go to the chemist now and do it this evening, it will be fine. Just leave the conditioner on for as long as you can.

Use a medium brown, and if it's still showing a red tinge, I find Aveda Black Malva conditioner fantastic for eliminating this.

HarryB Wed 22-Jul-09 20:32:51

JJ, my hairdresser left my dye on for about a zillion years and my hair went an awfully bright shade of purple auburn. After a week of head & shoulders, it calmed down loads then I put Clairol Nice & Easy in Mahogony on it and I rather like it now.

JJ Thu 23-Jul-09 00:37:24

Oh thank you! I have to use Head and Shoulders every day to keep from becoming a one woman snow storm (ewwww, I know) so will keep using that until I get to the shop for some new dye. I'll try to get the Black Malva conditioner, too, but that will take a bit longer as I'm in rural Alabama and that's a bit fancy for these parts!

My 20th high school reunion is 1 August so I really appreciate the help.

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