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Help-washing dissaster!

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arrraagggh Sat 21-May-05 10:22:19

Ive just unloaded my light coloured washing only to discover that a pair of pink knickers had crept its way in their! Ive got a light coloured top (newly brought) with a few pink streak marks on the front for all to see. Is there any thing I can use all do to get it out. Plese help....

SoupDragon Sat 21-May-05 10:42:33

There's a product called Dylon Run Away I think.

WigWamBam Sat 21-May-05 10:44:46

There are lots of different colour-run removers, including Glo-White and Stain Devils, although I have to say I tried several different ones when dh put red towels in with white clothes and none of them were particularly effective.

BethAndHerBrood Sat 21-May-05 16:59:26

I washed a load of socks and knickers with a brand new yellow duster!!! Not good!

Thrown a load of stuff away, white knickers are now a lovely lemon colour, so i've kept them!!

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