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Suggestions for a new hair style

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vodafonewillow Tue 21-Jul-09 17:45:20

I'm booked in for a haircut tomorrow and do not know what style to go for.

Can anyone suggest a style or a decent website to look at. I have straight dark mousey blonde hair (with a few highlights from last year)about 2 inches below my shoulders, with a half grown out fringe. It's very greasy so needs to be washed every day, so whatever style I go for has to be quite quick & easy to achive.

I don't want to go shorter than jaw level (short hair looks awful on me), but I would like something thats a bit less ageing & mumsy. Any suggestions ?

MrsSeanBean Tue 21-Jul-09 19:00:30

Long layers, with the hair layered throughout, is very versatile I find. If you hair will wave/ curl then this cut encourages it, and can mean no blow drying, but leaving to dry naturally, will work if you are sort of time.

If your hair is prone to frizziness at all, ask for blunt ends on the layers; that 'thinning out technique' some hairdressers have when they snip into the hair after it is dry is a disaster for frizz prone hair. (One way to prevent them doing this, incidentally, is to ask for your hair to be dried wavy.)

vodafonewillow Tue 21-Jul-09 19:33:11

Thanks for that advice MrRsSeanBean, especially the bit about 'thinning out' after your hair is dry.
It always puzzles me anyway, they spend ages getting the perfect cut when it's wet, then they seem to just ruin it when they start sniping here, there & everywhere!

vodafonewillow Tue 21-Jul-09 22:38:35

Bumping for the late crowd - therre must be some hair experts uout there

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