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What do (young) men wear to play golf?

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notamumyetbutoneday Tue 21-Jul-09 16:04:30

Not sure if I should be posting here or Dadsnet!

DH has been asked to play a round of golf on saturday, and isn't sure what to wear, although he knows its no jeans. TBH he doesn't really own anyhting which stands out as being suitable- he has suits for work and jeans for the weekend. Also he's only 26 so not quite ready for the pleated front chinos just yet!

He would really appreciate any advice or tips as to what kind of thing your DHs/DPs wear to play golf!

VinegarTits Tue 21-Jul-09 16:11:33

ds1 plays golf, he always wears smart trousers, and maybe a polo shirt (i never pay that much attention tbh) i.e suit trousers hth

Sidge Tue 21-Jul-09 16:11:46

My DH bought a pair of chino-type trousers for a fiver from Asda. He wears them with a polo shirt (collars must be worn apparently) and a jumper if it's cold.

He isn't a club member (pays as he plays at various clubs) but generally the rules seem to be collars, no cropped trousers, no sleeveless tops.

redandgreen Tue 21-Jul-09 16:13:14

Dp wears cords and a polo shirt - usually layered over a long sleeved t-shirt.

Boden is chocca with the kind of thing that would do.

izzybiz Tue 21-Jul-09 16:14:37

Smart trousers and polo shirts here too, and when its cold a V neck fine knit sweater.

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 21-Jul-09 16:15:44

This sounds really strange but I dont think he oven owns a polo shirt! he is rather restrictive in his tastes and is happiest in a work suit and scruffing about in jeans at the weekend! he has a white linen short sleeve shirt i think would work well on his top half but trousers will be a nightmare I think- he has a really slim waist but long legs envy i on the other hand am a little round ball at 5ft 1!

Hulababy Tue 21-Jul-09 16:16:32

DH is playing golf at the moment - yes, in the rain! He wears smart trousers (alhough not suit ones as such) and a polo short, and jumper if cold. He also has plenty of waterproofs! And finshed off with golf shoes.

Ideas? and here

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 21-Jul-09 16:16:51

he does have plenty of fine knit V-neck sweaters as well so thats good...its just trouusers...sigh

Thank you for your quick replies everyone

pagwatch Tue 21-Jul-09 16:18:59

DS1 plays and DH plays.

Cheap chinos are actually good.Regardless of style and beauty, playing golf requires a lot of hip movement so you need room - however slim you are. DS1 is a stylish 16 year old and he has ones from Gap or M&S because you just want something plain and soemthing you can play in. And they can come back with the hems caked in mud if it is rainning so ones you can chuck in the washing machine are perfect.
He can go and spend a fortune on expensive golf gear but if he chooses plain black, blue or some such no one will really notice or care.

Almost all clubs require a collar so polo shirts are ideal. They both wear a loose v neck over the top if its cold.

Sidge Tue 21-Jul-09 16:19:26

He could wear suit trousers but he might get rather muddy!!

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 21-Jul-09 16:22:44

Thanks for the link hulababy- I cant beleive I didnt just google 'golfwear' or something! I think we will be going shopping tomorrow after work...

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 21-Jul-09 16:25:21

Thanks pagwatch- i think M&S would be a great place to start- theres one at the retail park which opens til 8pm so i think that will be our first point of call! Good point about them being covered in mud if ground is wet.

Hulababy Tue 21-Jul-09 16:26:20

notamummy - does your DH know how to play golf?

giddykipper Tue 21-Jul-09 16:30:16

Chinos, polo shirt and a V neck jumper if cold.

Sorry about the chinos! I think Gap sell flat fronted ones.

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 21-Jul-09 16:31:16

grin hulababy! Yes he goes to the driving range a fair bit, but theres no dress code there- this will be the first time in years he has played at a club. The friend he is going with is no expert either so I suspect time will be spent in the clubhouse as well as on the course.

Hulababy Tue 21-Jul-09 16:34:03

Phew Just worried about your DH turning up to play a full round and having never played before!

notamumyetbutoneday Tue 21-Jul-09 16:37:35

That would be excruciatingly embarrassing I think! Hopefully he'll be ok and it sounds a very relaxed affair- the DHs are playing golf whilst the girls are at the races on saturday. Which frankly is a whole other style thread, as the other girls Im goign with are all size 8 gazelle-like beings! Gah!

MorrisZapp Tue 21-Jul-09 18:09:49

He needs a collar, hence the polo shirt. He may be refused entry to the course if he wears a round neck!

My DP is golf obsessed and dresses totally hot to play - seriously! He wears mostly Penguin, Puma etc, all slim fitting and in lovely colours.

Stylish men don't have to look like Jimmy Tarbuck on the golf course.

My dad, now that's another story

BobtheWoodmouse Tue 21-Jul-09 19:58:45

He might need a jacket/tie, proper shoes for the clubhouse - get him to ask about dress code after the game. At my old club, there were different sections for straight off the course and a smarter area.

Definitely needs a polo top to play. Uniqlo are quite good for plain clothes suitable for golf.

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