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White sunglasses - do you have them?

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Socci Fri 20-May-05 20:53:08

Message withdrawn

dizzymama Fri 20-May-05 21:40:03

Think I'd end up looking more like Elton John than Paris Hilton (actually not sure whichof those two is worse!!)

MarsLady Fri 20-May-05 21:41:26

I've had mine for a few years. Are they fashionable again? Yay! Not that I mind! I love 'em

Socci Sat 21-May-05 13:14:38

Message withdrawn

teeavee Sat 21-May-05 14:05:44

I bought a chapo pair last summer, and looked, yes, like the dreaded Elton.
So be careful, that's all!

teeavee Sat 21-May-05 14:06:10

for 'chapo', read 'cheapo'....................

spykid Sat 21-May-05 14:07:17

god had a pair of these when I was 12, and from photos I can honestly say they werw not a good look!!!!!!

expatinscotland Sat 21-May-05 15:27:10

i would look awful in them. but they look cool on others.

NomDePlume Sat 21-May-05 15:37:29

I'd look like an 80's throwback, only for the golden tanned, super trendies, IMO.

Socci Sat 21-May-05 18:40:56

Message withdrawn

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