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Has anyone here ever been to a Clarins make up masterclass?

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PrincessToadstool Sun 19-Jul-09 17:35:52

I am 29 and am clueless about makeup really. I wear a bit of foundation (well a tiny bit mixed with moisturiser) and mascara and that's it. Occasionally a tiny bit of eyeliner but I tend to smudge it till it's almost gone as I am not sure how to do it properly.

So is this ideal for someone like me? I have no desire to start wearing a full face of makeup every day but it would be nice to know how to put it on without looking shocking, and to choose the right colours etc.

Wigeon Sun 19-Jul-09 19:38:50

Am 30 and also pretty clueless. I went to a Bobbi Brown counter in a big department store before my wedding (six years ago today!! In case you are wondering why I am Mumsnetting and not having a romantic meal with DH, DH is away with work...). Anyway, I chose Bobbi Brown as I thought they are the makeup people for people who don't want to look too made up. I think I booked a 20 / 30 min makeup class. Products aren't cheap but I bought a blusher and eyeshadow and lipstick on the recommendation of the counter woman, and they were all very nice. Counter woman was very good at explaining how to put it all on properly.

PrincessToadstool Sun 19-Jul-09 20:15:26

Oh I meant something you pay for blush

Not sure I have the confidence to approach anyone at a counter. Never looked at Bobbi Brown stuff either...

So did you learn a lot from it?

And happy anniversary!

Wigeon Sun 19-Jul-09 21:35:32

You did have to pay for it but the cost was redeemable against any products you bought. Think it was about £15 / £20. Obviously in 20 / 30 mins they can't teach you everything you need to know, but I did pick up a few handy hints!

Hope someone can share their experiences of Clarins with you!

PrincessToadstool Sun 19-Jul-09 22:31:03

Thajks Wigeon. I have Clarins salon vouchers which is why I specified but there's plenty I could use them for. I'll suss out the counters in JL tomorrow, redeeming the cost sounds good value!

Spidermama Sun 19-Jul-09 22:31:57

No but I went to the Clarins counter to have a makeover once not so long ago and came out looking like a drag act.

PrincessToadstool Mon 20-Jul-09 07:44:38

Oh dear Spidermama, I assume that wasn't the look you asked for?

That is why I am scared of counters! I just want to know how to put some frigging eyeshadow/eyeliner on properly!

daisydotandgertie Mon 20-Jul-09 08:11:10

Princess - I've had one, it was surprisingly useful. I had it before my wedding because I wanted to do my own make up and needed to add a bit to my standard technique.

The girl was lovely and let me watch everything she was doing - I used a handheld mirror. And I did learn quite a lot from her.

The only drawback is the number of products they manage to use ... for everyday I just don't need so many. But, I did ask her to demonstrate wedding make up (ie make me look as though I'm naturally fabulous, somehow and do it so it'll last all day!) which might be why.

I suppose if I'd asked for an everday make up lesson it would perhaps have been different.

I'd go like a shot. They definitely didn't make me look like an over-painted loon.

watsthestory Mon 20-Jul-09 08:29:04

Message withdrawn

PrincessToadstool Mon 20-Jul-09 12:02:45

Thanks Daisy & Wats, it is £34 for an hour so I figured that would be long enough to actually learn rather than try to remember something shown to me in a hurry.

Think I will book it then

Wigeon Mon 20-Jul-09 13:23:06

Good luck and let us know whether it's worth it!

daisydotandgertie Mon 20-Jul-09 14:04:21

Enjoy it!

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