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I NEEEEED this top from Next in a different colourway.

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Lizzzombie Sat 18-Jul-09 21:20:48 rl=%2fsearch%3fp%3dQ%26lbc%3dnext%26uid%3d728481684%26ts%3dv7%26w%3dprinted%2520top%26af%3dgattgende r%3awomen%26isort%3dscore%26method%3dand%26filter%3dsubset%253a3003%26nxtv%3d000%26nxti%3d0&bct=%26q uot%3bprinted%20top%26quot%3b%26nbsp%3b%26gt%3b%26nbsp%3bWomen

Not sure if this link will work.
I have seen 3 women this week wearing a lovely pinky/yellow/brown printed top which is from Next.
Can't find it in summer catalogue or AW online catalogue.

In my local store they only have the blue one, shown in the link.

Does anyone know the top I am talking about?
I neeeeeeeeed it!

Style code of the blue one is: 487-593-X44

Cataline Sat 18-Jul-09 21:26:50

hmmm - i have seen a lot of women wearing the blue one but a few also with the pinky yellow one. Noticed it as I too like it a lot!
I spotted it in Next this morning on a display model but as it was 5.15 am on sale day the staff were a bit busy to answer my questions about where to find it!

I had a quick look but didn't spot it amongst the sale or non-sale items either.

Will keep my eyes open and let you know if I find one!

Lizzzombie Sat 18-Jul-09 21:30:47

Am pleased to hear its in a store somewhere still though.
grin I will find it!

If you see it again, can you get the style code from the label?!
(I think I might ask the next woman I see wearing it if I can get the code from their label - is that too weird?!)

Oumasrusks Sun 19-Jul-09 12:10:33

I saw that top last week in my local Next store. I'll see if they still have it tomorrow in the non-sale section.

Oumasrusks Sun 19-Jul-09 12:11:42

Ooops, meant to say I haven't seen a pinky/yellow/brown one though. Sorry!

Lizzzombie Sun 19-Jul-09 18:03:49

I brought it today!
It had not been put out because of the sale.
Sooo happy!!! (I know its sad, but I love it!)

I typed the code on the label into and it doesn't come up. Really odd as the blue one is there online and instore.
488-401-166 was on the label.
They do it in petite too.

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