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Anybody taken Imedeen and does it work?

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2kidzandi Sat 18-Jul-09 16:54:49

I'm in my thirties and I've noticed my skin is quite dull lately, partly it's my fault because i've not been bothered with skin creams and cleansers for ages, I've been using baby lotion and soap and water and going to bed with my makeup onblush But also I've missed out on a least 2 years of decent sleep because I suffer with insomnia a lot, so that's part of the problem. Anyway, I thought it's time to start making a effort and thought I'd start taking a 'beauty from within' supplement to help.

Went into Boots, saw Perfectil and imedeen thought both sound good, but Imedeen is quite expensive nearly £40.00 for one month supply, which tells me its probably does the job. My skin does need a radiace boost and I don't mind shelling out if it helps. Has anyone use/used it?

Also thinking of a good cream/toner cleanser that doesn't cost the earth and works, any suggestions?

mrsmerryweather Sat 18-Jul-09 20:58:32

Just 'cos something costs a lot it doesn't mean it owrks- that's a marketing ploy for you!

IMedeen is meant for more mature skin- you can probably get better skin by
* drinking more water
*cutting out alcohol
*eating more healthily including lots of fish and Omega 3s
* taking regular exercise to get the circulation going
*Being religious about taking off your make up, every night
using a good moisturiser

L'Oreal have some nice cleansers for around £3.

Also, some swear by Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect.(??)anyone- the one that Dr Regan went on about.

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