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How do you wear coloured eyeliner?

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franch Sat 18-Jul-09 11:20:07

I'm late 30s and for about 10 years have worn dark brown powder eyeliner applied with a brush for a smudgy look, with black mascara.

I'm wondering if coloured eyeliner (and/or mascara?) might give me a more youthful look - some of the time at least. Obviously I don't want anything too loud or teenage.

What kind of eyeliner should I try? Upper/lower lids? With what mascara?

Green eyes, auburn hair.

GarconsSontCommeDesChiens Sat 18-Jul-09 11:21:57

I use coloured liquid eyeliner on upper lids close to lashes

bright blue, green, purple depending on mood/outift

coloured mascara is great too


Oh, I am 42

DebiNewberry Sat 18-Jul-09 13:18:30

green eyes, auburn hair, gold would look amazing - on the top next to eyelashes, smudgey, lovely.

Mamazon Sat 18-Jul-09 13:25:32

i have recently become a convert to the coloured eyeliners.
I use silver inside my lower lid as it makes my eyes look bigger.

I also have purples, golds, greens, blues.....just depends on my outfit and mood really.

get some. get some cheapy ones to try the look and then if you like it get some decent ones as the cheapy's seem to smudge very easily and wear off after a shorttime

frAKKINPannikin Sat 18-Jul-09 13:25:56

Purple is really nice with green eyes - a plummy sort of colour on the upper lids.

cyteen Sat 18-Jul-09 13:32:29

Gold would indeed be lovely on you I have blue eyes and often wear black eyeliner/mascara with a flash of bright green or teal or purple on the outer corners. It lifts the look nicely and gives me an excuse for buying more make up grin

Molesworth Sat 18-Jul-09 13:33:46

I got a gorgeous metallic green eye pencil in Primark last week (£2)

Cesario Sat 18-Jul-09 13:36:58

I am the same couloring as you and I put a thin blue or green line on my top lid close to my eyelashes. I wear some brown shadow under it and then brown eyeliner below

Mamazon Sat 18-Jul-09 13:45:21

shock i didn't know Primark sold make up

Molesworth Sat 18-Jul-09 13:49:29

Yes, they do a 'basic' range (£1) and a 'benefit rip-off' range (£2). I tried the bronzer and a couple of eyeliners from the benefit rip-off line and they're fab.

Mamazon Sat 18-Jul-09 13:50:48

oooh will have to check it out.

Jewelsandgems Sat 18-Jul-09 14:08:31

I use one which is black/green from Mac and is called Tarnish. It is mostly black, with a greeny tint to it and looks great smudged on lower and upper lashes.

By the sounds of there is some eyeliner application experts so can I highjack and ask a small question?

When you are applying mascara, how do you stop it getting on your freshly applied eyeliner (on upper lashes)? Because it always does with me, and then after I have removed the excess mascara my eyeliner has also been removed! Or maybe you just use a mascara that does not need to be applied right at the roots? In which case, recommend a good one! sorry highjack over.

Mamazon Sat 18-Jul-09 14:12:53

i put mine on whilst looking utterly ridiculous.
i tilt my head back slightly and then look down. it means that my eyelashes are sort of sticking out so i don't catch the wand on my eyelids.

as i say, i look like a tit whilst applying it but it seems to work for me

HotToastAndButter Sat 18-Jul-09 14:31:35

i am an addict.
i have lancome quetsch( purple also called plum)
arden/lauder( cant remember) in graphite
lancome in a blue ( gris blue) - one of my faves here

a mac one in minted( this gets a lot of comments - wear it at night with black)is very vivid

This one here mac power point in Prussian is the longes lasting one
also fab one by laura mericer Lapin bought me called black navy here
mac in black called phone number - is a bit severe tbh

also the best shade but crappest quality/staying power is a no7 one in grey

HotToastAndButter Sat 18-Jul-09 14:33:14

adn that took me AGES AND AGES.
this is what I do.
nice dry skin foundation etc.
tehn put a thick stripe right accross upper eyelind and across half of bottom

i haev a body shop ( buy this to escape weird party ) smudger that is fab

idont knwo how you get eye liner on your upper lashes!!! i love the dior show mascara

DebiNewberry Sat 18-Jul-09 14:53:01

impressive linkage toast - which brand is the best for staying put do you think?

skinupyacunt Sat 18-Jul-09 14:58:32

Just follow this tutorial
It's a great look for every day. I use the purple eyeshadow, plum eyeliner from 17 iirc, and no7 360 mascara in brown. I find black is too harh on me for eyeryday.

lou33 Sat 18-Jul-09 15:02:07

i use purple, green or silver liquid eyeliner on my top lids only, i am 42

BeastQuest Sat 18-Jul-09 15:13:30

the best is the Mac powerpoint in staying power.
best shade for me is laura mercier or lancome

BeastQuest Sat 18-Jul-09 15:15:45

god i couldnt be arsed with all that eyeshadow she uses

BeastQuest Sat 18-Jul-09 15:17:13

or the tear duct thing

BeastQuest Sat 18-Jul-09 15:19:21

God its a bit wagstastic

skinupyacunt Sat 18-Jul-09 15:25:51

Nah, her videos are great you just need to find one that works for you. SHe does do some dreadful ones, but actually she's not using huge amounts of eyeshadow, she just takes bloody ages to blend them. Can't be arsed with that either

suwoo Sat 18-Jul-09 15:38:18

I use a greeny turquoise metallic one from Avon and then an urban decay glitter one (rock star maybe?) over the top of that.

I use it underneath my lower lashes.

For everyday I use a gold or a silver glitter- sometimes on top lid, sometimes underneath lower lashes- sometimes both.

franch Sat 18-Jul-09 15:40:00

Thanks all! It's clearly the way forward.

So do I get pencils or liquid?

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